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Belated Bday Din at Vincent

Belated birthday dinner with Carmen and Sharon at Vincent, Woollahra; a french restaurant. We shared the food as usual, and the roast chicken was really quite nice! So was the ‘Baked cantal souffle’. More pics…

Watching nrl at pub

Slow lazy Sunday, so at the pub watching nrl. Two TV. One is 5 seconds slower than the other. It makes sense to watch the faster one, however, the audio is from the slower one. So how how?

2014 Badmintion Australian Open

Watching semi-finals of the Badminton Australian Open. Some seeded players are here. There sure is a difference between the ‘cheap’ seats and the premium ones. Sitting first on the cheap seats, it seems ok. But when I stood behind the premium seats, I could see so much better. The best games were the womens doubles… Read more »

Happy Birthday, Jane

Hijacked the steamboat night to include a happy birthday celebration to Jane. Edwin came by with Ethan and Wendy as well. First time to meet little Ethan. The cake for this year is Yoghurt and Pomegranate. Last Year’s were Roasted Coconut and Elderflower. What will next year be?   More photos here

Everything is awesome

Cousin: How do you get a degree in Lego? Tim: There is no such degree. Andy: You go buy a lot of lego and build… Tim: You just need to become a master builder… Andy: Everything is awesomeeee…

So good or not so good

“This sushi is soooo good. It is soooo fresh. Yum” “These sandwiches are soooo nice and fresh” “These sausages are soooo good” Would comments like the above make the food taste any better? If you thought that the food aren’t that good or fresh or nice and someone else is saying it, would it affect… Read more »

Plumber tim

I successfully changed a washer and bought a new tool to unscrew taps!

2014 Jun 09 Blue Mountains Trip with Yin – Day 3

  Day 3 – I woke up to a clear sky and could see the clouds/mist on top of the forest. I knew that this is not something I will see every time I come here and would make some pretty photos. Luckily, YinYin woke up not long after and I got her to drop… Read more »