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My first teddy that I can remember. It has lost it’s nose… Bought it maybe when I was around 4yrs old?

2014-Jan-27-28 Day 1&2

Fiji Airways Air Pacific has been renamed to Fiji Airways and the plane is really quite new. Clean and fresh, and sitting at the exit row is a joy. The plane was quite empty and no one sat next to me. The food itself….well, abit small. Anyways, during the flight, I enjoyed looking out the… Read more »

My mum and me

Some say I look like my mum….I guess so

Chapter of the mosman job

Ka boom. Finished close to 3.6 yrs working at this job. Although I was only a parttimer, I felt I contributed more to the work than the full timers. It’s all good and time for me to move on and take over the world now.

Julian to Sydney

Welcome to Sydney, Julian. It was fun. Haven’t had such laughter in a while; your comments and words are just funny. All the best when you’re back in Brisbane. I will come visit for sure.

Relatives visiting Mid 2013

First, came Uncle Victor for his work trip from Hong Kong. Then, Alwyn’s Parents (Uncle Franklin & Aunty Unice), and Uncle Newton as well. More Photos in Gallery

Lawn Bowling

Lawn bowling is much harder than I expected, and it’s actually OK; not the old man sport I thought it was. Need to be smoother and have more direction on how to bowl. and see u around, Jonique. Was great having you at work.

Don’t need to go to Oberon

What do you think? No need to go Oberon for mushroom pics? These taken outside of office.