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So good or not so good

“This sushi is soooo good. It is soooo fresh. Yum” “These sandwiches are soooo nice and fresh” “These sausages are soooo good” Would comments like the above make the food taste any better? If you thought that the food aren’t that good or fresh or nice and someone else is saying it, would it affect… Read more »


I went to Coles to buy onions. I went to Coles to also buy paper towels. I bought paper towels. I bought canned tuna. I bought fruits. I bought lunch

Class one school report


Pointing and Giggling

I’ve never really seen girls being girls; getting together, pointing and giggling. It’s fascinating to watch. Grown adults…squealing…pointing…exaggerated expressions…giggling.. Oh, and not drunk…oh, no..not drunk. Fascinating!

Ninja turtle…

Playing pictionary… N attempting to draw ninja turtle.. Friend: ninja turtle… The green one. me: aren’t they all green?


i like fogs. there is something magical about it. cleansing. fresh. clean. mysterious. it makes things new. it makes things unknown. it tempts the curious mind.

Idiot Proof

iOS UI appears to be touted as really good and somewhat idiot-proof. This is somewhat my impression of their image anyways. Today, I had to use an Iphone, logging into my email account (in Safari browser), and then clicked on a link. A new tab opened up, and I wanted to log out of the… Read more »


Haven’t had a somewhat scary dream for a long long time now… can’t rememebr the beginning of the dream… but was somewhere, a stadium or a convention centre..or was it sydney uni? anyways, a fren mentioned that she encounted something weird/unusual in the building the other day… and… later on, i needed to go to… Read more »