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Look at the Sky

Have you noticed? In Fiji, when taking group photos, at least one person is usually looking at the sky?! I still have some Fiji behavior in me. As we were taking a group photo, with everyone looking at the camera, I realized something was wrong with the picture. Someone NEEDED to do something different. Someone… Read more »

Donate Blood

Today was the day I thought I’ll give blood donation a go. have been drinking lots of water beforehand and kept going to the toilet :) The blood bus was at taronga zoo. All good. Quite a big bus thingy. The problem was that there weren’t any toilets around! They tell you to drink lots… Read more »

Insignificantly Unique

Yes, you are unique and insignificant.

Exploration of Space

I read the article about exploration to other Stars/planets in the National Geographic magazine earlier this week…and it made me sad to know that we haven’t got the technology or means to travel out of our solar system to explore. we are just so small and insignificant.

Jellybean 4.2

To my lovely surprise, my galaxy nexus is now updated to jellybean 4.2 On a rooted phone, telstra network, 16 days after official release from google. Now, to try it out.

Hello world!

Well well well… so this is wordpress?!…impressive. simple. white. easy. too simple for me, perhaps? time will tell and we shall see