Dual Screen

Another silly thing today.

I wanted to use the laptop PC to test IE. The laptop is connected to an external monitor, and is setup to display onto both; where the external monitor is the secondary screen (i think).

The monitor was turned off, so I thought I’ll just use the screen on the laptop. Nothing wrong so far. I click on IE. I can see on the taskbar that it has opened. I can see the preview dialog that hovers. But the window is not showing! not at all! what is wrong?! I scoured the net to find how to troubleshoot it…and finally gave up and used a different PC.

And since it’s a new computer, something might have screwed up. I informed my colleague that I could get IE to work. He’s puzzled, and proceeds to turn it on to try. After a min, he motions to me…see…see see?…IE window is on the external monitor..

and tim $@&(#*&!!#@(&^%!(*

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