Outwitted by a mozzie

A mozzie terrorized me last night in my sleep. She attacked my fingers, feet and knees throughout the night mercilessly. Never once, did she come close to my ear, which is the typical attack strategy of her fellow clan.
This is one smart mozzie.

Around 2am, I got up to see what I could do. I saw her. She was resting at the end of the bed on the wall.
Perfect opportunity to sneak up and WHACK!

As I sneaked forward, she sensed my approach.
Off she flew…

But, unlike her fellow clan members, she did not fly up.
She did not fly left.
She did not fly right.
She also did not drop down.

She flew straight for me!

I was so bewildered and surprised that I didn’t know what to do and she got away, and hid somewhere in the room.
Sigh…I tried to go back to sleep, defeated.

When I decided to write this blog, she came out, did a victory dance around my head, and disappeared again.


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