Tim’s Office Moment 1

Today’s guest post is courtesy of yuniphan. Written under duress from this blog’s owner*.

Have you ever had that moment of realisation that perhaps what you are about to do wasn’t quite right? It happens to the best of us. And this particular moment happened to the owner of this blog. It has to be known, everyone in the office (save a few) have had to move to a new desk, including the owner of this blog and below are his actions according to the eyes of the witness.

Action 1: Returns from whatever it is he has been doing.
Action 2: Walks back towards seat.
Action 3: Moves seat.
Action 4: Pauses.
Action 5: Realises that perhaps this is not his own seat.
Action 6: Proceeds to look around the office.
Action 7: Realises that others have seen this sudden glitch in the brain.
Action 8: Casually walks towards own seat as if nothing happened.
Action 9: Laughter from the nearer half of the office.

Thus, one of Tim’s numerous moments of sudden epiphany.

*Just kidding.

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