2014 Jun 09 Blue Mountains Trip with Yin – Day 2

Foggy lookout to Three SistersThree SistersYin and Nicole at Scenic World

Day 2 – I woke to a rainy and drizzling day, with clouds and mist and fog.
What to do?!

I’ve only got a single pair of pants and they haven’t really planned or decided what to do. Today is supposed to be hiking somewhere.
After a fancy breakfast that was prepared, and lunch, we headed around Echo Point, and then back to leura for some shopping.
Looked at a few shops and then ended up at this kitckenware shop. I think we spent about 45min inside and $270+.

The clouds appear to have cleared and we made it back to Echo Point. At this stage, it was still very misty and drizzling.
A decision was made to walk down the Giant Staircase and then hike towards Scenic World. From there, we’ll make our way back.
This was around 12.30pm and last cable-car back to top was 4.50pm.

The hike down was interesting. But I wouldn’t want to hike back up. Too many stairs!

More photos here…

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