2014 Jun 09 Blue Mountains Trip with Yin – Day 3

Three SistersTim at Echo PointBlue Mountains

Day 3 – I woke up to a clear sky and could see the clouds/mist on top of the forest. I knew that this is not something I will see every time I come here and would make some pretty photos. Luckily, YinYin woke up not long after and I got her to drop me to Echo Point for some of these shots.

BreakfastThree SistersTea at Lilianfel

A big breakfast after the morning shoot, and we left the house around 11.15am. Heading back to Echo Point, we took more photos. But at this time, there were many more people and the view weren’t as beautiful as the morning. The clouds and mist have lifted higher, obscuring the mountains and three sisters. After a few photos, we went to Lilianfels for scones and tea. After that, we pretty much left Blue Mountains and headed back towards Sydney.

More photos here…

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