Bundanoon Camping

Thanks for inviting me to camping. I haven’t tried it before and it is quite fun.

The plan was to go to Gambells Campsite at Bundanoon, have steamboat at night, go see glow worms, and on Sunday, just do whatever. Sight-seeing, or hiking, or see red leaves.

On Saturday morning, the three of us met at Michael’s place, and then headed off to flemington to buy some breakfast (harm shui kok, char siu bao, siu mai). Then off to Bowral for lunch!.

Cafe ParisienneLookoutCamp

After 1.5hrs drive, we arrived at Bowral, and ended up trying Cafe Parisienne. I had the salmon, with spinach and sweet potato fries. At $15, they look quite nice; and tasted nice to me, although I would’ve liked a bigger dish. Next up, Fitzroy falls and a walk around that area.
At close to 4, we headed towards Gambells Rest Campsite, and it also started drizzling. We had to set up our tents while it was drizzling. The inside of the tent got a bit wet and the setup wasn’t exactly too fun. But overall, it was fun getting everything up and ready.

SteamboatCamping Common AreaLight Painting

Steamboat for dinner. Was yummy but abit rushed since we had to go to the Glow Worm track. Haven’t seen glow worms before. Should be fun. The walk was about 20min, not too far, but dark. I would’ve liked to stay longer, but the others were leaving, so, might as well head back. The weather wasn’t as cold as expected, and during the night, when others were sleeping, a few of us did some light painting.

The next day was going to differnet lookouts, taking more photos, and then heading back to Sydney. Good trip, guys! (pics here)

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