Dinner with Fiji gang

My good friend, Jane5 boysCake

Dinner at North Strathfield with the Fiji gang. It was very nice and happy to meet everyone. Stupid tim went to the wrong location as well, and had to quickly drive to the correct place. Luckily, it was only a few minutes away.

The dinner was organized by Alice, and supposedly for Hmk’s engagement; but at the dessert time, it was birthday cake for Dominic and I…suprising :)

More pics…

PS. Sorry, forgot group shots!

And our dinner menu was
Coconut Prawns (entree)
Tom Yum Goong
Sweet Chilli Jam Soft Shell Crab
Garlic & Pepper Soft Shell Crab
Red Curry Duck
Yum Talay
Pad See Ew
Coconut Rice
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Massaman Beef
Beef Salad
Cake (from Lindt)

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