Noori – Anzac 2013 Trip

Chef Noori's Din

This post is dedicated to Noori, who made us a fantastic din on Sunday.

Let’s see…she arrived on Wed evening; Jane and I went to pick her. We were late..stupid traffic…and late to get back to Chatswood for din.
For din, we had decided to go to Pappa Rich. Sam (and Hmk) queued up for about 45min before they got ‘inside’. By inside, it didn’t mean that they got a table. They just got into the next stage of queuing..which was ‘inside’ the restaurant. We then arrived and promptly got a table.
(at first, they asked if they could squeeze the 5 of us on a 4 person table…we looked at the waitress…and then looked at jane(who is pregnant!)..and looked back at her…good thing she was smart enuf to realize that that would not work).
The night ended by 9pm. we all went home to sleep.

Participants: Sam, Jane, Noori, Hayden, Dominic, Alice, Jayden, Carmen, Tim
Where: Eastwood Peking Restaurant (or something like that)
Food: 2x Peking duck, crab meat with egg white, vege in cream sauce, sweet and sour fish, fried buns, chicken with green bean starch, sang choi bau and noodles
Din was good and cheap..only $25pp..what more to say?…went to Meet Fresh afterwards for a quick dessert (coz Dom was still hungry :p)

Dinner again. This time at woolwich pier hotel. Hope it was good enuf for Noori. The dessert/cakes afterwards at Kurtosh (crow’s nest). Ordered diff cakes etc and they all liked it…yay, successful dining

Lovely Noori cooked us a din; including roti; and takeaways; Good Times Great Taste

Didn’t meet up; Hmk was thinking of noori and wanted to see her before she leaves back to Brissie

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