Summary of the Great Ocean Road Trip

Day 1: Waking up at 4.15am, and in Sydney CBD by 5.15am. We left Sydney around 5.30 to begin the 2800km journey. Police were up early this time around, rather than starting work at 8am. We drove by canberra, towards Bega and then to Eden. Eden supplies oysters to Sydney Fish Markets (carmen recognized the trays/containers). From Eden, it was to Lakes Entrance and Carmen drove this portion along the windy roads. Most cars were going in the opposite direction of us…probably like a ratio of 1:200 heading in the same direction as us as compared to the other side of the road. Also, we seemed to be driving the smallest car. Everyone was in their SUVs, towing trailers or big sedans.
Lakes Entrance was a pleasant town, and we were quite buggered already. Finished din at the pub by 7.30 and soundly sleeping before 9pm.

Day 2: I started off at 6am and took a RBT. Had to blow in the tube thingy. The police took out a plastic wrapping from the tube, and then i blew into it; and then said i was fine and could leave; and then he wrapped the plastic back onto the tube! Aren’t they supposed to discard all of those???
After a 3hr drive, we arrived at dandegong and thought we’ll check out the steam train. It was busy and wouldn’t have been able to get a seat until much later.

Ned KellyLuxBiteRazorbackLondon Bridge

So, we had a quick breaky and then headed off to Colac town (2.5hrs drive away). Whilst going thru Melbourne, we entered Toorak Rd and remembered Sam’s recommendation to try LuxBite :) (which was on Toorak road)…yum!
From Colac and borrowing the toilet @ mcdonalds, we headed off to Port Campbell (our accomodation); met up with Karen & Howard; and then decided to see some of the sights nearby before sundown. In the 1 1/2 hrs (5.30-7pm) that followed, we pretty much saw 4+ of the attractions of the 12 apostles (loch arc, london bridge, the arch, razorback, grotto..)

Day 3: Because we had seen most of the rock formations, we only had Gibson Steps left to do; so spent 30min there in the early morning. Sadly, we didn’t go to the 12 apostles visitor centre (which is apparently where u can see most of the structures!!!)
We instead headed off to Cape Otway to see the lighthouse. It was $18.50 entry fee and you’ll be able to spend about 1hr in there. It’s has the lighthouse; some old buildings, a short walk and a cafe. So, I guess the cost is OK. We had time, so decided to go in as well.
Walking out of the lighthouse at the top was abit scary at first and the height and paranomic view made me slightly giddy. All was well and i did two walks outside.
The drive outside of the Lighthouse had eucalyptus trees and there were wild koalas to be seen. They aren’t the grey ones you see at the zoo. The fur was brownish (maybe from the dust?).
Dinner was in melbourne, and we went to Omah’s coz Karen wanted seasfood. It was really nice surprise; the pandan leaves crab followed by a lemongrass crab. Quite different in taste but really nice. AND it was only about $40 per person. You can’t get that in Sydney!

Day 4: A 800km+ journey back to Sydney, with stops at Ned Kelly’s town, and pitstops at the petrol station. Nothing exciting to report. Tried vietnamese salad at Marrickville and it’s actually quite nice and refereshing.

All done..

Would I go back to Great Ocean Road? Maybe..if i’m already in melb, but doubt i’ll plan a trip just for it. The weather didn’t help in taking nicer photographs as well :(
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