Tallman 2014 Sydney Trip

Tallman (a.k.a law) called ahead and said he’s coming to sydney for a holiday. a visit with his wife.

It has been a while since i’ve last seen him. about 6-7yrs. And come to think of it, i’ve known him for a long time now. since form 3, when I temporarily sat next to him.

He hasn’t changed much. still look the same and probably act the same. BUT he eats much less now compared to uni days.

Law and Amanda Law and Amanda in this pic. He has a child also! Damn, time sure flies. So, Amanda is “biu mui’s” sister.


Group Dinner On the first night they were here, we has a little get together from some yat sen & uni class mates. It was fun catching up and seeing each other for so long. AND it would be nice to have this once in a while.

more photos…

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