Trekking at Freycinet

Wineglass Bay LookoutThe plan was to trek up to Mt Amos, and then back to the carpark, and then do the 5hr track that goes to the lookout, wineglass bay, hazards beach and then back.

However, 1/4 way into the Mt Amos track, CH couldn’t continue, so we went back and did the other walk. It’s all good :)

It was abit cold at the lookout. The wind was blowing, and it gets cold real quick.
From the lookout, it was about a 30min walk to wineglass bay. Had lunch there. Tuna and Bread..yum

Wineglass bay looks nice when the sun is out. But when it’s cloudy/shady, it looks OK. The sand there ain’t as fine as what you would expect. Abit coarse.
There were some stupid ppl there though. Saw this girl that wore a ‘block heel’ shoes all the way to the beach. crazy.

Wineglass BayWineglass BayWineglass Bay

A thirty minute walk towards Hazards beach was worth it. I liked Hazards beach much more than wineglass. The water was very calm and I really would’ve wanted to try and have a swim there. The beach was also empty.
From here, it was a 6km trek back to the carpark. Man, this was tiring and was starting to have cramps. Thankfully, we reached the carpark before my thigh muscles froze.

TrailOn the Isthmus TrailJumping pic

From the carpark, we stopped over at Cape Tourville Lookout for a short while. We were there anyways and the information centre person said it’s a good lookout. He was right. It’s quite pleasant and relaxing to be there. However, we didnt’ stay very long. Being tired, getting hungry, getting dark and without a plan on where to eat or stay for the night made me uneasy. I need my food!

SteakCape Tourville LookoutRiver and Rocks campsite

Steaks in Tassie is sooooo yummy! And we managed to find the free campsite close by for the night. Goodnite.

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