Remarkable Rocks at Kangaroo Island

Remarkable Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park in Kangaroo Island is a must see! Why would you be bothered to go and see some rocks?

To me, it was..yeah..something to do, and to see some rocks. Looks great from afar, but as you get closer to it, it’s really quite remarkable! It’s big, it looks interesting, it’s orange in colour. And you feel so small next to them. They’re kind of like some natural sculpture. And the sea is right next to it with quite a beautiful view.
Why are they orange? It’s caused by slow growing lichen (fungi), and apparently, it was more orange before. I guess too many tourists walking all over them.

We were there after midday, so the sun was up and it’s just a plain old rock. Walking between the rocks and going closer to the edge had this free and wonder feeling. Also, looking at other photos on the web with sunset/sunrise, it’s amazingly beautiful. By the way, for big rocks in the photos below, I’m only maybe 1/3 of it’s height.

Remarkable RocksRemarkable RocksRemarkable Rocks

Be wary of snakes though, and don’t fall over there edge. People have drowned there.

More photos here

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