$6 haircut in Hurstville

Just gotta try a the cheap $6 hair cut in hurstville. I’ve heard about it from Hmk previously, but never went by there. Well, lucky me, I get to go hurstville, and I need haircut.

[0 min]
First, there may be a queue before you’re served. That’s fine. A bit nervous. The three in front seems to be cutting hair the same as my regular hair dresser/barber.

[1 min]
Oh, there is another room and can fit a few more customers. I didn’t notice it that much. Staff just come out and say ‘Next!’.
The queue is moving along quite fast.

[2 min]
‘NEXT!’. That’s my cue. Sit there.
Staff: How do you want it?
Me: Just trim. Trim the top..around 2-3 inch left (shit! i just realized. she probably thought i meant to cut 2-3 inches off, and not keep 2-3 inch..no wonder it’s so short!)
Me: …number 4 on the sides
Staff: Ok..
Staff: (getting ready to start)..number 2 on the sides..
Me: NO NO…number 4!
Staff: Number 2 on the sides
Me: NO NO…i want to keep the back a bit long…I’ve got a scar at the back…here, see?
Staff: OK
Me: number 4
Staff: OK

[3 min]
I’m prepared. Here goes nothing.
She holds the shaver and the comb. And then…she starts furiously trimming/shaving my hair.
I felt like my head is a wok. I’m in the kitchen. And my hair are the ingredients in the wok. And obviously, the barber is the chef.
It has to be asian food and it has to be stir-fry. You can’t pause for a second or the food would get burnt!
The right side, the left side, the back (slightly slower), the sides again. There is no time to even switch from the shaver to scissors when trimming the top. Just continue using the shaver to cut! zip, zap, buzz..a pause. She’s actually changing to the scissors now! Uh Oh, it’s the scissors they use to ‘thin’ out the hair. Here we go again, her furious stir fry!.

[5 min]
And before you know it, it’s done. She’s got a mirror behind me, and waiting for me to see if it’s ok. I guess it’s ok. It feels quite short. I say it’s OK, and it’s done.

[6 min]
Whilst getting those sheets out of me etc, she mumbles “oh, i see your scar”… :S

[7 min]
I’ve paid the $6 and out of the door.

So, who’s game to go again?

Remarkable Rocks at Kangaroo Island

Remarkable Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park in Kangaroo Island is a must see! Why would you be bothered to go and see some rocks?

To me, it was..yeah..something to do, and to see some rocks. Looks great from afar, but as you get closer to it, it’s really quite remarkable! It’s big, it looks interesting, it’s orange in colour. And you feel so small next to them. They’re kind of like some natural sculpture. And the sea is right next to it with quite a beautiful view.
Why are they orange? It’s caused by slow growing lichen (fungi), and apparently, it was more orange before. I guess too many tourists walking all over them.

We were there after midday, so the sun was up and it’s just a plain old rock. Walking between the rocks and going closer to the edge had this free and wonder feeling. Also, looking at other photos on the web with sunset/sunrise, it’s amazingly beautiful. By the way, for big rocks in the photos below, I’m only maybe 1/3 of it’s height.

Remarkable RocksRemarkable RocksRemarkable Rocks

Be wary of snakes though, and don’t fall over there edge. People have drowned there.

More photos here

Sixpenny – Sydney

It started off with Sam mentioning Six Penny, and then Carmen saying “I want to try that place..”

And so, here we all are…ready to see what six penny is all about :)
A bottle of Reisling that was very easy to drink and a cozy restaurant where waiters need to actually show you where the toilets are (since there are no signs).

English Muffin & Green Tomato Marmalade

English Muffin & Green Tomato Marmalade

I quite like this. chewy and tasty starter.

 Caramelised Leek

Caramelised Leek

Something different and got this burnt flavour.

Unripe Strawberry & Peach in Sour Cream Salad

Unripe Strawberry & Peach in Sour Cream Salad

Interesting, but I only liked the peach.

Crab, Silky Macadamia and Camomile

Crab, Silky Macadamia and Camomile

Doesn’t it look like white chocolate? The nut was the smooth bit over the rougher crab meat.

Sourdough Roll

Sourdough Roll

Freshly baked bread are yummy. And the butter was quite nice as well.

Carrot, Marscarpone, Toasted Cheese Curds and Edible Flowers

Carrot, Marscarpone, Toasted Cheese Curds and Edible Flowerse

The cheese had quite a strong taste, but the carrots weren’t that sweet.

Golden Beetroot

Golden Beetroot

This looks interesting and is actually quite nice with the sauce. The inital presentation of an egg looked like something out of jurassic park.

Gently Seared Bass Groper with Nettles & Rye Butter

Gently Seared Bass Groper with Nettles & Rye Butter

Quite a pleasant dish.

Leg of Veal Marinated in Malt, Cabbage & Anchovy

Leg of Veal Marinated in Malt, Cabbage & Anchovy

The veal was abit tough to chew through and there weren’t much anchovy taste in the sauce. The cabbage was yummy though. Grilled/Roasted with added butter :p

Milk Sorbet & Citrus Sauce

Milk Sorbet & Citrus Sauce

Not a fan of this one. The citrus sauce was made from cumquat and it was quite bitter. All of us, except Sharon, had a very interesting expression when we tried it.

Brined Pear with Intense Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramelized Milk

Brined Pear with Intense Vanilla Ice Cream & Caramelized Milk

Pumpkin Cooked in Mead with a White Rice Ice Cream

Pumpkin Cooked in Mead with a White Rice Ice Cream

Looks like a piece of pork fat, and ice cream again. I’m not a fan of Pumpkin.

Hungry Ghost

Smiley Moon

Eerie town hall with a hungry ghost

Snailovation 2013

“Giant and colourful, these brightly hued snails is not your garden variety”

The snails are dotted around mainly Sydney CBD, and before they go away, I want to take pics of them. Some appeared to be bigger than the others and the shell seems slightly different. Or maybe it is just my imagination.

Because of it’s size, it was kinda hard to get some nice composed shots. Anyways, it was a good exercise in hunting for them.
Some people climbed the snails, stood on them etc to take photos..it would be fun, but at the same time, it is kinda wrong.

Snailovation PhotoSnailovation PhotoSnailovation PhotoSnailovation Photomore…

Prince Harry in Sydney

Managed to see Prince Harry in Sydney during this weekend.

My thoughts are
1) his hair is not that red
2) he is balding
3) he moves the same as Prince Charles :D

the balding bit will definitely dispute the conspiracy that he is not Prince Charles’ son.

And if I’ve got better photoshop skills, I would have made the below pic much better!
Prince Harry

More photos of Prince Harry here…

Canola Fields

Canola fields. Pretty yellow fields. They look great with some green or with trees. Getting close to the fields isn’t as nice and you would be able to see them around spring time near Harden, NSW.

For best pics, try to find a higher vantage point for the shots.

Canola FieldsCanola FieldsCanola Fields

More photos here

Thai Buddha @ Cowra

Thought Thai food would be a safer bet in a smaller town, as you can’t go too wrong..right? …upon closer inspection of the place, it said ‘thai/indian food’..hmmmm….anyways..

Food was alright and decent, except for the pad thai…this was not good. I ordered a garlic, coriander & pepper beef. It has the taste, but no coriander in sight.

The din wasn’t the highlight. The highlight was the service.

1) We walked in and an indian female greeted us…table for 5? this way, please. she took us to the nearest table, a long table that can seat 10. We spied a smaller table further away, and was about to ask when she said “…it’s very busy..there is no one to clean the table…do you mind seating here?…”
T: Oh, ok. That’s fine, we can sit here (on this huge table)

fyi, busy is maybe 20ppl, with maybe 5 tables, and also takeaway. 3 ppl in kitchen, with maybe 2 cooking only.

2) Ordering
H: A Pad thai, a beef garlic coriander pepper, a chicken chilli jam, a seafood something something..and…2 white rice…and one naan…
W: One Naan for the five of you?!?!?!?!
All (pointing): naan is for her…and we’re sharing the dishes
W: ..ok…no problem
T: ..and could we have some tap water, please…

3) 30+min has passed…no water yet..
someones goes to the waitress
N: … can we get some water, please…(we could help ourselves, but dunno where)
W: …i’m very busy as you can see…i’ll bring it when i can

water comes in 10min time

4) Eating
the two bowls of rice we ordered was small..the naan hasn’t arrived..but the other dishes have arrived..
another table receives a naan…we asks the guy bringing food out of the kitchen
N: excuse me, we’ve ordered a naan and it hasn’t arrived yet..and can we order another rice
…1 min passes..
M: …umm..this is your order, and there was no naan written…
All: (aiya..and for the comment that the waitress gave..she forgot to write it down)
N: nevermind. can we can an extra bowl of rice
…4min passes…
rice comes..it’s pretty much 1.5 to 2 times the size of the first bowl that came…and it’s the same price.

I think they need to take some hospitality course. At least, how about saying ‘sorry, i’m busy and will get it to you asap…’

am i mean?