Yeah, baby

I thought it was gonna be fun to have the Austin Power’s “Yeah, baby, yeah” as a ringtone notification for my mobile….i was so wrong.

you see, i leave my phone turned on at night when i sleep… and i do get (junk) emails…and it is not really nice to be sleeping and suddenly hear ‘Yeah, baby, yeah..’ in the middle of the night!

..back to my icq ringtone!

Relaxing afternoon

Ticket to ride record of 134! N dessert time before big dinner

image image

Didn’t manage to buy my lucky tickets yesterday… Bought today. Hope luck hasn’t run out yet…



why do ppl say to buy lotto tickets if a bird craps on you?

…yeah…i’ll see if i can find a store that sells it tonite……not one ticket, but TWO! ……crap indeed

Myth debunked!

Android 4.2.2

image image

Cool! Didn’t even know there would be a new version!

Asians work harder; across species…

On my usual journey of acquiring knowledge in the scientific world by reading articles at New Scientist, I came across this one about Ants (‘Alien’ Argentine Ants May Have Met Their Match).
The Argentine ants are killing off other native ant species; and then now, there is a challenger to them: the Asian ant. They are both alien species and one of the possible reasons for the Asian ant spreading is because the Asian ant starts breeding earlier.

This lead to one comment which i found to be so funny

rachelandrews6 (signed in using yahoo)
OK. So you are saying the Asian ants do better because they get up earlier and work harder than the Latino Ants. That sounds racist to me.

what do you think?

Caffe Bom @ Eastwood

Chic decor n Korean waiter n waitress who I can’t understand. Coffee so so, but a big cup. Some Koreans ordered meals at the next table; making me want to eat!

image image image image

Tarte aux fruits de la passion

Afternoon tea at adriano zumbo… Passionfruit?

image image image

$5 kfc lunch


Lunch today. Five dollar. Lemme try try…