Spieglworld Empire

Miss PurpleOn a boring Friday, Alwyn watched a 30min free performance show at Martin Place for Spieglworld Empire. He texted us and said it is sooo good (as compared to the ones we’ve watched @ Darlinghurst)…and was checking if they had tickets at nite….(we did think of going to it last year)

To keep things short, we got the ticket and to the show at night.


Empire performers¬†What is Empire? circus, an act, show, whatever…go read up on it at http://www.empireaustralia.com/the-show/

What can i say? It’s pretty good and I liked it…would’ve great if it was longer. 90min seemed to fly by too quickly!

The best performance? Umm…well, the singer…just too good, man…singing different genre of songs, or just vocals…ignored watching the show a couple of times to listen n watch her…haha.
I read up on the singer just now, and she’s Miss Purple (aka Lena Hall)


The bubble thingy was quite pretty and would’ve made some spectacular photography. The performaner was quite flexible…is she the same one with the hoola hoops? Quite good.

The MCs (a husband and wife, as they introduced) were funny too….occassionaly disgusting…
memorable acts though
– the guy was naked…saw more of him than we expected to see!
– he licked the head of a few balding men sitting in front
– they bit pieces of banana and spat it out to each others mouth. towards the end, they ‘exchanged’ mashed up banana to each other…ewwww…like crapping to the person’s mouth!
– the girl did sorta a mock strip tease, lap dance to this guy from the audience. n then the other male MC appeared…in a dress…saying, what u doing to my wife, etc etc…sat on the poor guy, and kissed him (deeply) on the mouth…hahah..was hilarious

balancing act
what else? umm..the last performance was a guy who balanced things. so, he balanced a feather on a stick that then was balanced on another stick/branch and so on..in the end, the whole structure was balanced onto a vertical stick. Quite a long performance, and do require quite abit of concentration and strength…and from their website, he was a computer programmer!

That’s it, folks!…it’s too late at nite for me to remember more…

Mr Wongs

Tim with desserts @ Mr WongWent to have lunch at Mr Wong’s on Monday. It was raining and we arrived about 11.50.
We, the customers, stood out in the rain with a little cover from the rain.
They, the staff, stood inside the restaurant.
It, the door, separated us.
More ppl gathered with the ‘we’

the door finally opens and we step into the restaurant. A Chinese restaurant for the Gwailo. :)
As Philip puts it, first they ask if we want water…next, they gave us a wine list… (where is the tea?)

anyways, carmen knew a chef there and we had some complimentary dishes. LOVELY! the food weren’t bad and it was a nice experience.

An interesting story, somewhat, is the toilet.
Sharon: “The toilets are interesting…which one did u go to?”
Tim: “Went to the second one…”
Alwyn (puzzled): “what are u talking about?”
Carmen: “I used the one where there was photo of a woman looking at me…yours?”
Tim: “My one had an old house with laundry hanging outside”
…. are u puzzled yet?

I quite liked the ‘sweet & sour pork hock’, though that is not sweet and sour.
The Steam rice roll with crispy cuttlefish dough is nice as well.

See album for more pics…

Mr kooka

IMG_20130125_015422-364537789Mr kooka came out to play.
Mr kooka prefers bacon over chicken.
Mr kooka looks splendid.
Mr kooka…

Look at the Sky

Have you noticed? In Fiji, when taking group photos, at least one person is usually looking at the sky?!
I still have some Fiji behavior in me. As we were taking a group photo, with everyone looking at the camera, I realized something was wrong with the picture.
Someone NEEDED to do something different.
Someone NEEDED to look into the sky……. and act uninterested.

(Post photos of you looking at the sky!)

Life of Pi

Life of Pi

I have just finished reading “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel; have not watched the movie yet.

How did I find it?
Well, it’s pleasant reading but not really a page turner for me. I like how it talks about animals and their behavior and little things. The story/content is somewhat though provoking, which is quite a unique aspect for me. I haven’t read that many books, mind you.

As for the film, I will probably watch it sooner or later..hope it’s good

Now, what book is next?

Donate Blood

Today was the day I thought I’ll give blood donation a go. have been drinking lots of water beforehand and kept going to the toilet :)

The blood bus was at taronga zoo. All good. Quite a big bus thingy. The problem was that there weren’t any toilets around! They tell you to drink lots of water, but no toilets! Bugger.
Anyways, I failed the interview and cannot donate blood until I get a letter from my Doc.

Blood Donation Blood Donation Blood Donation

The Goodies


Quack Quack

Big big duck in a small small pond.

I finally get to see the big ducky! It is indeed quite big and looks quite cute from the front. From the side, it’s so so….
Had waited for the saturday fireworks, so that I can take pics of the duck and fireworks together. Too bad, I was lazy to bring the tripod, else I would’ve framed the pics better…
shame..shame on u, tim

Big DuckReflectionFireworks & Duck

Do u guys like the ducky?
I want to release alot of small rubber duckies into darling harbour to be with the big duck…Quack Quack

Lavender Farm

Went to bridestowe lavender farm. One of the few places that carmen wanted to go to, and one of only few places for us to go.

Lavender FarmLavender FarmDried Lavender