Cradle Mountain

ahh…one of the must go to places, so they say… we encountered fine weather, one of 55 in a year according to the guide.

Note to others: If you’re driving into cradle mountain, arrive before 9.30am or the boom gate will be closed and u’ll need to take the bus.

Our plan was to plan what walks to do when there. There are alot and I decided that we should try the medium level one. A half day hike to Marion’s lookout, and then to dove lake.

Beginning of Marion's Lookout walk It was a flat walk from the beginning, and we saw a lot of crap, literally. Wondering where it is all from..and then we see a wombat out and about. They sure do crap alot… We continued on and the easy walking starts to get harder and we are not going uphill.

The walk up to marion’s lookout is about 1.5hrs (estimate) and the last section of climbing/hike is quite steep. Just can’t wait to get to the top and every time you think u’re at the top, it’s not. Kept getting conned time and time again!

One of the funny things were when coming back down. A chubby kid, with a huge backpack, stopped next to us (on his way up), and just said “No more climbing! No more climbing!!!!’. It was funny

Marion's LookoutMarion's LookoutMarion's LookoutMarion's Lookout

 The views out from below view than from high up. In the first pic, you see the highest bit in the middle of the pic? That is where  Marion’s lookout was.

Cradle MountainCradle MountainCradle MountainCradle Mountain

 Oh, we saw a wallaby as well. i got to pet it. it is a wild one…

The Nut, Stanley

The Nut

We drove hurriedly to Stanley to watch sunset. well, i wanted to watch sunset there, to take pic of The Nut. Little did I know, the sun sets at maybe 8, and we arrived at Stanley at around 6pm.

So, what is there to do at Stanley? Nothing much at all. Was gonna try this restaurant, BUT we didn’t have reservations. Anyways, drove around there looking for a perfect spot to take some photos and luckily, we found it in the end. Enjoy!



Self Portrait of the NutBig Lobster
Tim & The NutAlwyn & The Nut

All things Penguin

Big Penguin
Did you know that there is a town called Penguin in Tasmania?
It’s all things penguin and apparently, the 3m tall penguin statue is one of the most photographed landspots in tasmania…not sure about this.

Anyways, we stayed there for a night at Neptune Grand Hotel…for only $58, we got 2 rooms. It was quite decent, although Alwyn didn’t know how to close his door properly; and must have slept with one eye open



Visitor's PenguinHigh Five PenguinStarry starry nite with a moon

Cataract Gorge, Launceston

A beautiful picnic spot/park that is very close to central Launceston. A pool, some fresh water places, and a few walks. Pleasant environment, and no parking fees on public holiday (we put in 50c…wasted)

Cataract Gorge entrance viewCataract Gorge entrance view
Cataract Gorge
Cataract Gorge
Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge Suspension Bridge
Behind the suspension bridge
Behind the suspension bridge
View back to the entrance from the Bridge
View back to the entrance from the Bridge

Road Kills

Road Kill Recipe

Road Kill Recipe

One of the things to do while driving is to count road kills. Alwyn started it right on the first day when he saw a few road kills and how big they were (wallaby/kangaroo).

The trend started, and I started counting them…not all of them, just the ‘fresh’ ones and not dried up fur and bones.

Day 1 = 30 road kills (~300km)
Day 2 = 39 road kills (~467km)
Day 3 = 21 road kills (~339km)
Day 4 = 18 road kills (~302km)
Day 5 = 41 road kills (~255km)
Day 6 = 8 road kills (~204km)
Day 7 = 11 road kills (~434km)
Day 8 = 57 road kills (~304km)
Day 9 = 2 road kills (~15km)

Compared to police patrol cars, I saw only 2 (some were discounted because they were obviously going for the fire affected areas…but this cannot be attributed to the lack of police presence before the fires/heat wave)

Tim Tim meets Timtam

Meet TimTam…. and Bethany

Tim n bethany

Tim n bethany

Merry christmas everybody

I really should start writing some posts and making content that is more readable rather than just rambling.

to this cloudy, windy, raining christmas day in sydney…well, merry christmas and let’s all be merry n jolly

Belly dancing

Bellydancing during lunch. Such a lovely surprise. More places should have this. Oh. What about the food? Quite decent n nice. A lot of vegetarian dishes.

image image image

Grandmas basket pie


Beef goulash