Cataract Gorge, Launceston

A beautiful picnic spot/park that is very close to central Launceston. A pool, some fresh water places, and a few walks. Pleasant environment, and no parking fees on public holiday (we put in 50c…wasted)

Cataract Gorge entrance viewCataract Gorge entrance view
Cataract Gorge
Cataract Gorge
Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Suspension Bridge Suspension Bridge
Behind the suspension bridge
Behind the suspension bridge
View back to the entrance from the Bridge
View back to the entrance from the Bridge

Road Kills

Road Kill Recipe

Road Kill Recipe

One of the things to do while driving is to count road kills. Alwyn started it right on the first day when he saw a few road kills and how big they were (wallaby/kangaroo).

The trend started, and I started counting them…not all of them, just the ‘fresh’ ones and not dried up fur and bones.

Day 1 = 30 road kills (~300km)
Day 2 = 39 road kills (~467km)
Day 3 = 21 road kills (~339km)
Day 4 = 18 road kills (~302km)
Day 5 = 41 road kills (~255km)
Day 6 = 8 road kills (~204km)
Day 7 = 11 road kills (~434km)
Day 8 = 57 road kills (~304km)
Day 9 = 2 road kills (~15km)

Compared to police patrol cars, I saw only 2 (some were discounted because they were obviously going for the fire affected areas…but this cannot be attributed to the lack of police presence before the fires/heat wave)

Tim Tim meets Timtam

Meet TimTam…. and Bethany

Tim n bethany

Tim n bethany

Merry christmas everybody

I really should start writing some posts and making content that is more readable rather than just rambling.

to this cloudy, windy, raining christmas day in sydney…well, merry christmas and let’s all be merry n jolly

Belly dancing

Bellydancing during lunch. Such a lovely surprise. More places should have this. Oh. What about the food? Quite decent n nice. A lot of vegetarian dishes.

image image image

Grandmas basket pie


Beef goulash

Jellybean 4.2

To my lovely surprise, my galaxy nexus is now updated to jellybean 4.2

On a rooted phone, telstra network, 16 days after official release from google.

Now, to try it out.


Hello world!

Well well well…

so this is wordpress?!…impressive. simple. white. easy.

too simple for me, perhaps? time will tell and we shall see