Leo and Tre

LeoMe and Tre on the floorTre

Meet Leo and Tre, two Tibetian Mastiffs. Leo is the golden coloured one, and is the short haired kind. Tre (meaning bear in Tibetian) is a long haired one.
Their personalities are hugely different as well! Tre is more of the dopey and excited one out of the two (he’s only 1.5yrs old afterall), and also bigger than Leo. Leo is 2yrs old, and more reserved, quiet and just likes to relax. Very islander lifestyle. :p

Confused TreBrunchHappy Birthday to me

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Victorinox classic

New tool to replace my broken tool.


Fat Cat Fat Cat

Mabel’s Fat Cat

Mahjong and Philip’s Bday

Another mahjong session! woohoo!..and yet another loss! how sad?!
Oh, I only won once and I had 3x North, 3x South, 3x West, 2x North, 3x 5Circles

In the middle of it, Jo & Josh came by and we all surprised Philip with some pieces of cake and a mini-celebration. Jo was cutting the cake into little pieces again :) …thank you!

Dinner was at the Jap place at Willouhby. Was fun sitting and chatting about nothing in particular.

Cut cakeGroup PicMahjong

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Belated Bday Din at Vincent

Belated birthday dinner with Carmen and Sharon at Vincent, Woollahra; a french restaurant.

We shared the food as usual, and the roast chicken was really quite nice! So was the ‘Baked cantal souffle’.

Baked cantal souffleGroup PicKouign amman, baked apple, butterscotch & creme fraiche

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Watching nrl at pub

Slow lazy Sunday, so at the pub watching nrl. Two TV. One is 5 seconds slower than the other. It makes sense to watch the faster one, however, the audio is from the slower one. So how how?

2014 Badmintion Australian Open

Watching semi-finals of the Badminton Australian Open. Some seeded players are here. There sure is a difference between the ‘cheap’ seats and the premium ones. Sitting first on the cheap seats, it seems ok. But when I stood behind the premium seats, I could see so much better.

The best games were the womens doubles games. Much more fast and exciting.

Womens doublesMens Single SemiTall dutch girls

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Happy Birthday, Jane

Hijacked the steamboat night to include a happy birthday celebration to Jane.
Edwin came by with Ethan and Wendy as well. First time to meet little Ethan.

The cake for this year is Yoghurt and Pomegranate. Last Year’s were Roasted Coconut and Elderflower. What will next year be?

Edwin and EthanBday and the boysNathan

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