Happy Birthday, Jane

Hijacked the steamboat night to include a happy birthday celebration to Jane.
Edwin came by with Ethan and Wendy as well. First time to meet little Ethan.

The cake for this year is Yoghurt and Pomegranate. Last Year’s were Roasted Coconut and Elderflower. What will next year be?

Edwin and EthanBday and the boysNathan

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Everything is awesome

Cousin: How do you get a degree in Lego?
Tim: There is no such degree.
Andy: You go buy a lot of lego and build…
Tim: You just need to become a master builder…
Andy: Everything is awesomeeee…

So good or not so good

“This sushi is soooo good. It is soooo fresh. Yum”
“These sandwiches are soooo nice and fresh”
“These sausages are soooo good”

Would comments like the above make the food taste any better? If you thought that the food aren’t that good or fresh or nice and someone else is saying it, would it affect your thinking?

Or would you just laugh at the silly attempt to project a false sense of luxury?
Or would you pity the ill-informed?

Plumber tim

I successfully changed a washer and bought a new tool to unscrew taps!


2014 Jun 09 Blue Mountains Trip with Yin – Day 3

Three SistersTim at Echo PointBlue Mountains

Day 3 – I woke up to a clear sky and could see the clouds/mist on top of the forest. I knew that this is not something I will see every time I come here and would make some pretty photos. Luckily, YinYin woke up not long after and I got her to drop me to Echo Point for some of these shots.

BreakfastThree SistersTea at Lilianfel

A big breakfast after the morning shoot, and we left the house around 11.15am. Heading back to Echo Point, we took more photos. But at this time, there were many more people and the view weren’t as beautiful as the morning. The clouds and mist have lifted higher, obscuring the mountains and three sisters. After a few photos, we went to Lilianfels for scones and tea. After that, we pretty much left Blue Mountains and headed back towards Sydney.

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2014 Jun 09 Blue Mountains Trip with Yin – Day 2

Foggy lookout to Three SistersThree SistersYin and Nicole at Scenic World

Day 2 – I woke to a rainy and drizzling day, with clouds and mist and fog.
What to do?!

I’ve only got a single pair of pants and they haven’t really planned or decided what to do. Today is supposed to be hiking somewhere.
After a fancy breakfast that was prepared, and lunch, we headed around Echo Point, and then back to leura for some shopping.
Looked at a few shops and then ended up at this kitckenware shop. I think we spent about 45min inside and $270+.

The clouds appear to have cleared and we made it back to Echo Point. At this stage, it was still very misty and drizzling.
A decision was made to walk down the Giant Staircase and then hike towards Scenic World. From there, we’ll make our way back.
This was around 12.30pm and last cable-car back to top was 4.50pm.

The hike down was interesting. But I wouldn’t want to hike back up. Too many stairs!

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2014 Jun 09 Blue Mountains Trip with Yin – Day 1

Going away for 2 nights, 3 days to Blue Mountains with YinYin and her friends from Mly.
Should be OK. I’ve been there a few times already and getting away from Sydney would be pleasant.

I was supposed to be picked up between 9-10am, but it turned out to be around 2.15pm.
Arrived late (4ish) at Leura, and it was getting dark, with shops closing. After doing some more grocery shopping,
we headed to the accomodation. A house with 3 bedrooms, large kitchen and dining, and central heating. (Note it was cold
and foggy and drizzling outside).

Dinner was prepared and tomorrow is another day.

Foggy LeuraKitchen and Dining RoomBedroom

– the 2 girls shared a queen size bed, and I took a room with 2 single beds.
– I had breakfast, morning tea, and lunch before leaving Sydney.
– the bathroom didn’t have curtains on the big windows.
– peanut butter is actually just crushed peanuts.

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2014-Jun-18 State of Origin Game 2

A win! A win after 8 years!

Having won Game 1 in Queensland, NSW had better win the home game. I have bought the Gold seats and don’t want to waste it by them losing. That would suck!

Luckily, we won! It was tense in the 2nd half, waiting..and waiting…no one wanted to say that the game might just end with Qld winning 4-0. And then the try game! wooohooo..such celebrations! The atmosphere was so good!!

Anyways, where we were sitting, there was this guy who looked like he was stoned. And everyone was afraid that he’ll fall off from where we were. Mind you, it was quite high up.

Things that I remember

  • The guys behind us saying
    – When are the Morris brothers back? Game 3? (sigh, already thinking we’ll lose)
    – Run back with the ball, run back! (for NSW to run back towards their own goal to kill time)
  • The bearded guy
    – I’ll seat in front. If that guy falls over, I’ll try to catch him.
    – Do it again! (after a spear tackle on QLD)
  • Jarryd running back to his own goal line at full time, with us nervous that he was about to knock-on earlier.
  • Counting down the last seconds of the game
  • Walking that spiral thingy to get to our seats! such a long walk!


StadiumOne in a rowOutside the stadium

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