Meeting new Friends on Chat messengers

I was in this chat group with some people that I knew. And then someone decided to invite more people into the chat group.
That is OK.
But, be careful on what you’ve been chatting about because it can be weird.

C: can I add my friends to this group?
V: sure
..blah blah blah..
.. 2 new members joined group
C: Hi guys, let me introduce 2 pretty girls. Ms X and Ms Y
T: Hello everyone, I’m Tim
V: Hello, I’m V.
      I like sheep ar.
      Like cow & horse


What would you do if you’re a new member to the group?


I went to Coles to buy onions.
I went to Coles to also buy paper towels.
I bought paper towels.
I bought canned tuna.
I bought fruits.
I bought lunch


My first teddy that I can remember. It has lost it’s nose…
Bought it maybe when I was around 4yrs old?

Class one school report



Kumpoo power control a261L

Bought a new racquet. It sure is very light but having tried it, it suits me very well. Strung with bg 98 string at 25 lb’s.


Pho Gai Hoi


Spicy beef & pork noodle soup

Spicy beef n pork noodle soup.

Big bowl. Taste is alright and would have again.

2014-Jan-27-28 Day 1&2

Looking out from plane

Fiji Airways
Air Pacific has been renamed to Fiji Airways and the plane is really quite new. Clean and fresh, and sitting at the exit row is a joy. The plane was quite empty and no one sat next to me. The food itself….well, abit small. Anyways, during the flight, I enjoyed looking out the window and seeing the clouds. The clouds are so different in Australia & New Zealand. I miss this fluffy clouds.


These were at home waiting for my consumption :D. Bananas in Fiji taste so much nicer, and also cheaper. This is one bunch from the market. Pineapples are sweet, not sour.


Taken from Tappoo City. Haven’t been to this ‘mall’ and many buildings didn’t even exist when I was last in Fiji.


Dad prepared this breakfast! Lobster for breakfast!

All photos here

Bargaining for fresh coconuts in Fiji


Drove and stopped by a roadside stall selling fresh coconuts in the late afternoon. And of course, you gotta bargain abit.

Mum: How much for coconuts?
Seller: $2
Mum: sa…Too much… I buy a few
Seller: How many you want? $1.50 then
Mum: ummm…
Seller (counting): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…9 here
Mum: 9 too many. We’ll get 6
Seller: ok
Seller: how about $1 each for all?
Mum: huh?..ehhh…ok… so $9 for all 9?
Seller: yeah (starts loading all into car)