Bread & Circus @ Alexandria

Thought we’d give this a try after Carmen mentioned it.
It was a bit hard to find as it is one of a few shops in the building. The coffee was so so, but the brown rice congee is quite nice and filling.

Bread & Circus

Coconut Cake

Brown Rice Congee

Chapter of the mosman job


Ka boom. Finished close to 3.6 yrs working at this job. Although I was only a parttimer, I felt I contributed more to the work than the full timers. It’s all good and time for me to move on and take over the world now.

Ribs and Burgers at Neutral Bay

Ribs & Burgers @ Neutral Bay
Pretty good burger!
The ribs weren’t that great though.

Wine bar theory

I totally recommend this book. It’s awesome and quite straight forward in the ideas.




I didn’t know there were quick oats and instant oats. Did you? The difference are in the size, hence affecting how long they would take to prepare

Carols in the Park – Lane Cove 2013

First time to sit through the entire event. Carols in the Park, 2013, right beside home.
We had KFC for din and it was sooo hot. And Bethany & Claire just had to sit on me. Today (the day after), I’ve got sore thighs.

ClaireBethany & ClaireBethany

More photos here

Duck and bamboo rice noodle soup

Have to see what this is like. Interesting and something different than normal pho.


Ogi and his dad jokes.
Today, he starts off with…I’ve got a brother at home…it’s only black and white.

meaning, the ‘BROTHER’ branded printer, 10-20yrs ago.

And then talked about old TVs.
Anyways, it made me think back to long ago when we still used the CRT TV and after you turn it off, there are still some electric charges left on the screen. And when i go close to the screen, the hand on my hands would stand up.

It’s quite fun!