The Shed @ Mosman

Lunch finally with some colleagues at Mosman. This is the first time we’ve had lunch outside of the office are and it sure was refreshing and very lovely.

Decided to go to The Shed for lunch and have burgers. $15 lunch meal came with a burger, chips and a soft drink

Chicken BurgerThe Federation BurgerThe Shed Burger

Franco Franco @ crown st


Nice pasta. The snapper had aloof of bones, but quite a nice tasting sauce. Abit fishy.

Julian to Sydney

Welcome to Sydney, Julian.

It was fun. Haven’t had such laughter in a while; your comments and words are just funny. All the best when you’re back in Brisbane. I will come visit for sure.

Big DogPancakes on the Rocks

Hiding the food

I’m irritated. I’m irritated by how the restaurant put the chips. They put it in a cup and then the paper wrapping goes all the way up. It’s not like the chips are filled up as well.
I felt soooo relieved when Sharon ‘unwrapped’ the chips so we could see and pick the chips easier. Then others followed suit. It felt like a burden had been taken off my shoulders.


Sculpture by the Sea 2013

I went to see sunrise and also take photos of the Sculpture by the Sea…mostly, to take photos…and the sunrise helped. I’ve been in the last few years and might as well continue. This time, however, no one wanted to go.

There didn’t seem to be as many people as previously, but more cameras and more groups of people.
It was interesting enough. And I should actually listen to what each art piece is about.

Sculpture by the SeaOne of the first pieces that I saw. It was early. My eyes were playing tricks. I thought it looked quite nice with the ‘man’ on top of it, enjoying the view. Then, the ‘figure’ moved…Dammit. it’s someone who has climbed on top of the sculpture!

Sculpture by the SeaISpent most time trying to take a sunrise photo with this in the foreground. Thankfully, there weren’t too many selfish photographers in the way. I moved on from this sculpture when this runner decided to stand someone further in front, and admire the sunrise. Many annoyed photographers!

Sculpture by the SeaWas there one similar to this in the previous year? Anyways, Mr kookabara was so kind to be a model at the end of the sculpture.

Sculpture by the SeaIThis glass sphere seemed to be a favourite among many. It reminds me of a much smaller glass sphere that I kept inside of my fish tank in New Zealand. I remember buying it in Dunedin.

Sculpture by the SeaThe stairs. Made a nice photo, I have to say. Maybe not the best, but quite interesting.

More photos

Happy Halloween

It’s actually quite fun to carve a pumpkin. My first time and yeah, it is a bit hard to get started. First, cut off the top, and then scoop out the insides.
Then with a curved knife and some other stuff, we got to work. I would’ve liked to design and cut one fully myself. and also, a brighter light inside of the pumpkin would give more opportunities to be creative.

Not everyone liked it when I put boogers coming out of jack-o-lantern’s nose. It was fun.

See other photos.

pitter patter on car

While driving on kangaroo island on fine days, we hear pitter patter sound on the car. And no, it is not raining. It’s just the bugs hitting the car and windscreen.
And they are hard to get rid of (open the photos to see).

Stains on windscreenView from inside carBugs on Bumper

$6 haircut in Hurstville

Just gotta try a the cheap $6 hair cut in hurstville. I’ve heard about it from Hmk previously, but never went by there. Well, lucky me, I get to go hurstville, and I need haircut.

[0 min]
First, there may be a queue before you’re served. That’s fine. A bit nervous. The three in front seems to be cutting hair the same as my regular hair dresser/barber.

[1 min]
Oh, there is another room and can fit a few more customers. I didn’t notice it that much. Staff just come out and say ‘Next!’.
The queue is moving along quite fast.

[2 min]
‘NEXT!’. That’s my cue. Sit there.
Staff: How do you want it?
Me: Just trim. Trim the top..around 2-3 inch left (shit! i just realized. she probably thought i meant to cut 2-3 inches off, and not keep 2-3 wonder it’s so short!)
Me: …number 4 on the sides
Staff: Ok..
Staff: (getting ready to start)..number 2 on the sides..
Me: NO NO…number 4!
Staff: Number 2 on the sides
Me: NO NO…i want to keep the back a bit long…I’ve got a scar at the back…here, see?
Staff: OK
Me: number 4
Staff: OK

[3 min]
I’m prepared. Here goes nothing.
She holds the shaver and the comb. And then…she starts furiously trimming/shaving my hair.
I felt like my head is a wok. I’m in the kitchen. And my hair are the ingredients in the wok. And obviously, the barber is the chef.
It has to be asian food and it has to be stir-fry. You can’t pause for a second or the food would get burnt!
The right side, the left side, the back (slightly slower), the sides again. There is no time to even switch from the shaver to scissors when trimming the top. Just continue using the shaver to cut! zip, zap, buzz..a pause. She’s actually changing to the scissors now! Uh Oh, it’s the scissors they use to ‘thin’ out the hair. Here we go again, her furious stir fry!.

[5 min]
And before you know it, it’s done. She’s got a mirror behind me, and waiting for me to see if it’s ok. I guess it’s ok. It feels quite short. I say it’s OK, and it’s done.

[6 min]
Whilst getting those sheets out of me etc, she mumbles “oh, i see your scar”… :S

[7 min]
I’ve paid the $6 and out of the door.

So, who’s game to go again?