Ogi and his dad jokes.
Today, he starts off with…I’ve got a brother at home…it’s only black and white.

meaning, the ‘BROTHER’ branded printer, 10-20yrs ago.

And then talked about old TVs.
Anyways, it made me think back to long ago when we still used the CRT TV and after you turn it off, there are still some electric charges left on the screen. And when i go close to the screen, the hand on my hands would stand up.

It’s quite fun!

Google Plus vanity url

Woohoo…I am finally invited to create a vanity url for my Google+ page.
Sadly, it didn’t allow me to use only first and last name. So, I’ve added the initials.
(I didn’t like how I needed to confirm using SMS)

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 11.02.27 AM

Google+ Profile link here.

Crispy bacon and cheese burger @ Grill’d

Burger for dinner tonight. Crispy bacon n cheese burger with regular chips. Mmmmmmm


Cafe Paci @ Darlinghurst

FriendsAt $85 per person, the meal at Cafe Paci was worth it. There were a number of dishes to try and it was good enough. However, I just felt something was missing after the dinner. Can’t exactly put my finger to what it is. Maybe I needed a dish that had a bit more meat?

The service weren’t very attentive, as our glasses of water were empty quite often without anyone filling them up.

Anyways, when you read the menu, it would be quite confusing because there appears to be some savoury dishes AFTER dessert.


Fried Barramundi Skin, Asparagus with lemon curd & poppy seeds, tacos, rye bread with shaved cheese & rose petal.

I don’t mind having more of the barramundi skin. It is cripsy and kinda like having salt & vinegar chips. Overall, I quite liked all of these.

Tomato, Sashimi prawns, raspberry, sour creamTomato, Sashimi prawns, raspberry, sour cream
The prawns were in 3 ways; sashimi, prawn oil and something else (can’t remember). I don’t like to eat tomato raw, but combined with all these ingredients, it was quite nice. It didn’t seem like I was having tomato. There was a taste of like ‘dried shrimp’.

Veal tartare, smoked bone marrow, broccoli, anchoviesVeal tartare, smoked bone marrow, broccoli, anchovies

..maybe it’s not smoked bone marrow, but just onions

This was probably the least favourite of mine. Tasted quite raw/meaty, but it got better as I ate more of it.

Bacon lettuce BonitoBacon lettuce Bonito

Cos Lettuce, bacon crumbs, bread crumbs and bonito sauce

This would be one of the dishes that I quite liked. Bonito is used to make the sauce and the overall taste is quite nice and pleasant. Maybe a piece of steam beside it would be awesome!


Potato noodles, raw beef, watercress, lemon, mushrooms

I’m not fond of mushrooms, so gave it away. Ate the rest. The potato noodles have this slight crunch to it and was cold and refreshing.

Carrot Yoghurt LiquoriceCarrot Yoghurt Liquorice

Dessert time

I couldn’t taste the liquorice, which is good. The others could. The orangey carrot in the middle made it look like an egg.

Malt Banana ParsleyMalt Banana Parsley

Malt covered chocolate mousse, parsley sorbet(?), banana sauce

Eating each of these by itself is overpowering and don’t taste nice. You gotta mix all three ingredients and eat it as a whole. Because of this, the dessert was quickly finished.

Hi-Chew DessertHi-Chew Dessert

Sorbet made from Hi Chew

This was quite sweet. I haven’t had Hi-Chew before and it feels like gum. So, I asked if I could swallow it. (This was a free dessert)

Corn and ButterCorn and Butter


It does taste like pop-corn! I like this.

Pork & FennelPork & Fennel

Pork Crackling coated in chocolate and fennel seeds

Well well well. So, this is a dessert. I would’ve like the pork crackling to be a bit more ‘crackling’. And those macaroons were called ‘rockaroons’ (that was what I heard). I wasn’t mistaken, I think, because they were quite hard to bite into.

The Shed @ Mosman

Lunch finally with some colleagues at Mosman. This is the first time we’ve had lunch outside of the office are and it sure was refreshing and very lovely.

Decided to go to The Shed for lunch and have burgers. $15 lunch meal came with a burger, chips and a soft drink

Chicken BurgerThe Federation BurgerThe Shed Burger

Franco Franco @ crown st


Nice pasta. The snapper had aloof of bones, but quite a nice tasting sauce. Abit fishy.

Julian to Sydney

Welcome to Sydney, Julian.

It was fun. Haven’t had such laughter in a while; your comments and words are just funny. All the best when you’re back in Brisbane. I will come visit for sure.

Big DogPancakes on the Rocks

Hiding the food

I’m irritated. I’m irritated by how the restaurant put the chips. They put it in a cup and then the paper wrapping goes all the way up. It’s not like the chips are filled up as well.
I felt soooo relieved when Sharon ‘unwrapped’ the chips so we could see and pick the chips easier. Then others followed suit. It felt like a burden had been taken off my shoulders.