Candy Crush Level 165 tips

Candy Crush Level 165 Screenshot

I’ve been stuck at candy crush level 165 for quite a while now, but couldn’t pass it. It is so hard to get blue candy to fall down.
And then I looked at some tips online, which to say aren’t helpful. They just have a video of someone passing the stage. But then, it triggered a theory on how to get more blue candies.

You have to clear candies at the bottom, and there needs to be candies cleared above it because of your previous action. Kind of like combos and cascading effects. Then you see blue candies falling down.

By doing this, I was able to clear a lot more candies, and eventually pass the stage.

– during the game, i tried to concentrate not to directly get rid of the blue candies, and more about getting the special candies;
– the priority were like: get special candies; get rid of candies by cascading the effects; get rid of chocolates; get rid of blue candies.

Any other levels you’re stuck at?

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* 16-Jun-2013 *
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74 Responses to “Candy Crush Level 165 tips”

  1. CR

    I was stuck at level 165 for days on end. After reading this piece of advice I cleared out all the blue candies on my second try -on the first try I was left with only 5; a marked improvement over all my previous efforts. Thank you!

    • Timothy Yuen


      It’s good to hear that my post has helped someone. A few thousand visitors and you’re the first to comment! :D

      I’m around level 270(ish) now and still have a while to go. Most levels after 165 are OK and some can be passed by luck itself. Whereas 165 really stumped me and luck didn’t really have much to do with passing this stage.

      • Haggis

        You rock!
        Was stuck on this for over a week (and wasted my lollipops), but finished it on my second try after reading your advice!

      • Bridg

        Thank you!! I cleared it on the third try after being stuck there for a week/an eternity/who knows how long:)

    • fahad

      It’s very helpful I was stuck on this level since 1 week also purchased extra moves but did not help me to clear the level but after using this tip I cleared the level in 3 live onpy. First I was only reaching at a level with 20 candies left after reading this blog I had 15 left then 10 and finally got all cleared with 8 moves left

  2. Lisa

    stuck at this level til wanna give up on this game! follow ur advice and passed. thanks!

  3. Rochelle

    Help……. Level 165 is going to be the end for me. I found your recent posting which seems to be promising in conquering this, but I don’t know how to locate your tips. Thanks for whatever you can do to get me through this other than remotely accomplishing it for me :-)

  4. Carissa Thomas

    I have tried everything imaginable and cannot pass this stinkin level have a few specials built up but cannot use them on my tablet I thought 65 and 147 were gonna be the death of me but this actually might do it!! Lol get down to like 4 or 5 but never any closer glad to see there is hope as all other videis just show someone passing but no telling how they did it thanks will try just what you said and let ya know how it works out :)

  5. Cathy

    I agree with Carissa, level 165 is impossible. I like the game but this level is frustrating me. I am not even close. The video’s show lots of blue candies. I am lucky if I get 4 blue candies on the board at one time. Any suggestions????? I have tried getting the special candies, working from the bottom and crushing the special candies together. I am usually short by 25. Should I just start over?

    • Timothy Yuen

      I didn’t find that getting special candies and combos to help that much in dropping blue candies.
      it was more of creating some cascading effects where clearing 3 candies would in turn clear another 3 or 6 in the same move.
      focusing on doing this got me to like 80+ blue candies crushed quickly. Then it was abit of some luck to get me thru the next 10-20 (since I get distracted by seeing more blues and not following the main strategy).

  6. You R Stupid

    Wow … why didn’t I think of that??

    Just clear all of the candy??

    How could I possibly have made it to level 165 without having concluded that clearing the candy as fast as possible was a good idea??

    Idiot …

    • Matt

      And he doesn’t mention the stupid bombs that come out and how many moves are wasted before they blow up and end your game. I’ve tried this strategy several times now and I still have at least 30 or more blue ones left! UGH

      • Timothy Yuen

        Structure you strategy around the bombs. I didn’t find the bombs to be that much of a distraction. Just don’t be too hasty in trying to get rid of the bombs and work towards the center bottom. So if a bomb drops, chances are that it will be in the middle.
        Also, you can get rid of them fairly easy in most cases.

        The main issue for this level was getting more blue candies; and not the bombs.

      • Lyn

        I’m having the same problem. Been on this level a day now and the closest I’ve gotten is 11 blue candies left! !Most times it’s beween 25-30

        Working from the bottom has more success in that I’ve managed to clear more blue candies, than when originally started on this level.

        Ive noticed that when one reaches 20 or just under moves left, – the cascades change, and the most blue candy I often have on the screen at one time (at say 15 moves left) is TWO! Of course one will be a time bomb.

        Have you got through yet?


    I have tried all the suggestions and still nothing! I’m not a quitter but I am past frustrated. At one point I was one away but I wasn’t paying attention and time ran out. I really want to scream but I’ll keep pressing on instead. Thanks for your help.

  8. LisandroSC

    I have to say that these tips helped very much. I’d been stuck on this level for many weeks, after reading this I passed it in the third try. Thank you very much mate!

  9. Traci

    Like others, I was stuck on this level. I followed your tips and solved it with 29 moves to spare. The key to getting the blues really does seem to lie in getting those combo and cascades. Otherwise, you just get the other colors that you don’t need or want. Getting a candy cluster and a striped blue together was also helpful. Your tip was spot on!

  10. SHERRI

    FINALLY!!!! While these tips gave me ideas, it took me several weeks after reading this to complete this level. It’s about tenacity!!!

  11. Diana

    Wow I don’t normally leave comments but this was great! I have been stuck on this level for so long because I focused on getting the blue candies! I tried your suggestion and I went down to 8 candies which is the lowest amount so far. Now I have hope! Thanks!

  12. Khansa

    I just read your tips. Its worked! Just 1 tried after a couple days. Thanks

  13. Michelle

    I’ve tried every tip and still not luck I’ve gotten down to 18 blues left. Stuck for 3 weeks now.

  14. Pam Hebert

    This level is making me crazzy! Its only been a few days or so.. trying to find whatever tips I can! The lowest ive gotten to was 15 blues remaining! Argh!

  15. Christine

    Thanks! Stuck for a long time and your strategy worked for me the first time I tried it.

  16. Jean

    Thanks so much this level was driving me mad. You are right, the key is to ignore the blues, just make combinations low down the board. It worked 2nd time after reading your advice, after a week of trying.

  17. shadow

    Omg thank you. I had been focusing on just the blue and failing. After this tip I beat it in about 4 tries!

  18. Oz

    Spot on advice. Was only clearing forty blue but first time working the bottom I only had 18 left. Thanks

  19. Tanya Chell

    Amazing tip, 1st time I tried this I had 1 blue left with 12 moves, unfortunatly a bomb went of, was stuck in corner and couldn’t get to it :( however I will attempt it again (when I get more lives) and I’m sure I will succeed. Thanks for sharing such a great tip.

    • Tanya Chell

      PS, I have been stuck for 3weeks, be so happy when I complete the level

  20. Jamie

    Ok so I tried this & it works but when I get down to 10 or less blues needed to win it quits trickling n any blue!!!..ughh been on this level forever & have used over 40 lives & I love the game for the challenge but geeze I’m bout sick of it!..ANY HELP???

    • Timothy Yuen

      I think I usually save some of the combo candies til the end to use.
      Particularly, the colour bombs.

  21. fahad

    It’s very helpful I was stuck on this level since 1 week also purchased extra moves but did not help me to clear the level but after using this tip I cleared the level in 3 live onpy. First I was only reaching at a level with 20 candies left after reading this blog I had 15 left then 10 and finally got all cleared with 8 moves left

    • Timothy Yuen

      169 hasn’t been that difficult.

      My general strategy was to start in the middle, and try not to blow up the sides.
      My priority was always to look out for a color candy, and then lolly and then stripped.
      It’s in the order of which one is harder to get.
      Do you recognize what patterns/arrangements may get you the special candies?

      ..and seems like u’ve passed level 165! congrats!

      • Jamie

        Yes I finaly passed 165 with u 2 thank!!!..& on 169 I have actually got all 3 patterns twice but not the score of 45000!.,grrrrr lol

      • Iman

        Tim you are a genius…on my 1st attempt I got down to 57 blues, ou my 2nd attempt I got down to 10 blues…thnx for the tips…they are working

  22. andrea

    YES!!!! Been stuck on this level for days and smashed it first time following your advice!! thanks

  23. pat

    Worked for me on the third try!! Every time I could make a stripe or chocolate ball or wrapped candy, I did it. Often, it gave me combos, which cleared out the bombs. Using this stategy, many blues dropped. Thanks for the great tip, it really does work!!!

  24. nurra

    OMG…your tips really work!!thank you so much!i have been stucked for few days..after reading ur tips..i got it for just after 5 trials…yippiee..!

  25. Sammy

    It worked on my third try! Thank you so much. Work from the bottom to cascade, find special matches to clear, focus on chocolate…yes! I don’t think I would have figured this out on my own. The other hints sites emphasize focusing on blue candies and that was a losing game every time for me.

  26. dj

    It’s a game of luck people, just keep going until it lets you win. I am still stuck on this level. The advice of making combos and clearing the bottom is standard for all levels surely?

  27. Mo

    Thank you – been stuck for days – I was concentrating too much on 5 row combos to clear – as soon as I stopped that got it first go !! :)

  28. Elizabeth

    I was stuck for WEEKS! Was going to quit candy crush forever. Had watched videos like normal. Nothing! Read this. Cleared it in one try! THANK YOU!

  29. Smrojo

    My first comment to a post – ever! Great advice. Been stuck for days and playing from the bottom brought out enough blues to finish with 8 moves left. First try after your advice. Thanks!!

  30. Jill

    I can’t believe it. I have been on 165 for a month. It took me two tries after reading this.

  31. C.K.

    Great advice! Like many other people I was stuck for days but passed it in just a few tries after reading your tips. Thanks for posting! Now to pass 167…

  32. Misty

    I’ve just stumbled upon this tips and I tried them. They worked! I also got concentrated on cleaning the board from the chocolate as much as possible. This really worked, thanks for the tips! Now I’m into level 167

  33. Kat

    Followed this advice. Results: Try 1: bomb went off. 2: left with more than I ever have. 3: bomb. 4: bomb. 5: lack of matches. During all of these tries matches are scant at best for any color. Certainly none at the bottom to induce the “cascade effect”. I’m not saying this advice is flawed as people have past the level because of it. All I’m sayin is it didn’t work for me. I have been doing this level for so long I’m almost certifiable. I see a butterfly net and padded room in my very near future. For the love of god can somebody help me pass this level?

  34. SLD

    You guys must be fortunate or just plain lucky. I’m with Kat. I either don’t get enough of the same color to make combos let alone 3 of the same color, or overtaken by the chocolate or the bombs explode because I can’t match them. I’ve tried over 50 times already. Played every strategy I can think of, including the above. One more day of this then I’m deleting the game. Not worth the headache anymore.

    • GypsyCrusher

      Don’t give up. Do absolutely concentrate on making four of a kind or intersecting corner candies–no matter the color. The more combos you make, the more blues pop out in cascades. I used this strategy and moved forward in my very first attempt.

  35. SLD

    GypsyCrusher… this is my typical game (and I usually move through the levels pretty quickly except, of course, for this one) “No more possible switches, Shuffling” on almost every game, bombs dropping down as fast as the candy, sometimes 2 on the board at the same time. So busy trying to clear them don’t have time to keep the chocolate in check, which seems to always fill the upper right and left corners after taking away a 3 in a row match. Many times the bombs go off because there are no color matches around within 7 moves. Very few opportunities to create striped or wrapped candies and seldom do I get a chocolate sprinkle. Last time I got one, as soon as it dropped, the chocolate “ate” it. I have not been so frustrated on any level as I am on this one. Have played it at least 80 times now using different strategies. The more I play it, the worse the candies are falling. Seldom any blues on the board. I don’t like giving up but time to say goodbye at the end of today since it seems everyone has had much better luck than I have. It’s just not working in my favor and I’ve wasted too many hours on it. Cheers.

  36. Linda

    For level 165, i have finally worked out what creates more blues!
    It is partially luck but I have worked out how to do it.

    You need to make sure the top corner at the top of the screen is clear of chocolates as the majority of blues comes from there. If one side is kept clear at all times, and always make it your priority, then you will get more blues coming down.
    Also get plenty of stripes, not necessary to combine, and try to ensure not too much chocolate builds up on the bottom. Usually the stripes keeps it clear of most.
    Concentrate on the one half side from top to bottom, that is clear of the chocolate at the top and when you see an opportunity to clear blues all around, do so as well.
    The main factor is that stripes on one half (use straight away when possible) will keep clearing the chocolates on the bottom too.
    So tips to keep an eye on is:
    1. Keep at least one top chocolate clear as the bulk of blues comes through there.
    2. clear all blues when opportunity presents itself (dont chase after it and waste more lives)
    3. keep an eye on the bombs, if possible the stripes will cascade other colors and clear it anyways.
    4. Stick to one half of screen from top to bottom to keep clear of chocolates so the top corners will bring down lots of blues.
    5. Persevere until this is done!!

    The MAIN tip is keep the chocolate clear up one top corner!! Of course as the chocolate on the bottom is cleared some, then more blues comes down. clear chocolates, get blues..

    I hope this helps others to get through quicker :)

    • SLD

      Linda – thanks, and I hope someone will find your tips useful along with the other tips. After today I’m deleting the game. I played at least 30 times today alone and the board is just NOT working in my favor, for whatever reason. It’s impossible to keep the corners free since I can’t get any matches there, and being busy clearing the bombs, it takes away from keeping the corners clear of chocolate. I have had the board reshuffle almost every game today. I have had bombs exploding constantly because I can’t get any colors matched near them. Very few stripes to work with (where I need them). Same with the wrapped. Cascading is impossible since I can’t clear the chocolate at the bottom. As far as blue candies I haven’t had any more than 10-12 at any one time on the board. After over 100+ attempts at this level, I’m giving up. You guys keep on crushing the candies, I’m signing off for good. Cheers!

  37. Stuckon165forthreeweeks

    Dude, after plaing on and off for three weeks I found your tips. Beat level after 4 tries. Not sure what worked but it did. Thanks.

  38. 165

    thx for your tips :) i kept clearing the bottom & make the special candies & it works on my 2nd trial :)
    & i got high score 3 stars :)

  39. jim

    I just read ur post and I gotta tell u I thought u were full of sh*
    Beat that sh$t on my second try.
    I’ve been stuck on that board for 3 or 4 looong weeks. Ty for the pointer.

  40. Rosanna

    You are so right. It’s all about mindset. I finally cleared the level after your suggestions. It took me about 3 tries after I altered my approach.

  41. jam

    That was amazing advice!! I read this article and I was able to get 93 blue candies! I’m so close! Thank you

  42. Cristin

    Yes!! Stuck 10 days!
    After reading…1st try!
    Cascade. Just go for the verticals. And keep working the bottom. I had 20 moves left and more blue balls than ever.
    Many theories tried (that I thought would work) but this one did it and was so obvious once I was halfway thru! Thanks!

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