Candy Crush Level 224 tips

Candy Crush 224 Screenshot

Thought I’ll write about this level. It’s not particularly hard, but might help someone who is stuck.

First thing is that you’ll notice a color bomb (middle) and a stripped candy (bottom middle) and are coated by a layer.
Try get rid of the candies in between them, so that they sit side by side. Depending on the game, you might be able to do this in just a couple of moves. Once you have this, DO NOT try to swap them immediately.
Try to get more candies of the same colour as the stripped one, so you can build up as many stripped candies as possible when using the color bomb + stripped candy combo.

With the above strategy, I only needed to make another 2 stripped candies to pass the stage.
Too easy, eh?

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* 16-Jun-2013 *
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  1. Liz Webster

    Great help, thanks. Do you have tips for level 97please. Just can’t get passed it on the tablet!!!! Thanks.

    • Timothy Yuen


      I just had a play on 230. I passed it in one go.
      My strategy was to focus in the middle
      1) this would stop yourself from trying to clear the right-most and left-most columns. In this way, the ingredients wont’ fall at either end and would be funneled towards the middle.
      2) as in most levels, focus in getting combos (stripped candy + lolly). Both of this help.
      3) Try not to make a path to the bottom too quickly, as the chocolates will start coming and hassle you.

      Hope this helps.


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