Candy crush level 97 tips


The tough bit about this level is getting the required score with the limited moves.
It’s abit of a hit and miss, but the following strategy worked for me and I was able to at least complete this game in less 10 lives using the below strategy.

They key to this game is the bombs! Each time you clear a bomb, you get about 3000pts.

For my first move, I would try to get the top right bomb to come down into the main area.
Then my strategies would be
1) Clear a bomb using a ‘cascade’ effect. Or while clearing a bomb, attempt to make special candies
2) Square candies (lolly) are good. I would try to make these before the stripped ones. This is because they explode two times, and you may get lucky and clear 2 bombs in the process when they side by side.
3) Don’t try to use up the special candies immediately. They come in handy when you start accumulating them.
4) When you’ve used up all your moves, special candies might bring you across the target.

Hope it goes well for you!

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6 Responses to “Candy crush level 97 tips”

  1. Jeanne

    Level 97 doesn’t let me have the 25 moves it says, sometimes I only get 8-10 and it says not completed, so how is that? It doesn’t give me a chance to even try????

  2. Jeanne

    Level 97 doesn’t let me even get to the 25 try’s sometimes it stops at 8-10 try’s and then says I didn’t complete the level, so what is with that????


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