Road Kills

Road Kill Recipe

Road Kill Recipe

One of the things to do while driving is to count road kills. Alwyn started it right on the first day when he saw a few road kills and how big they were (wallaby/kangaroo).

The trend started, and I started counting them…not all of them, just the ‘fresh’ ones and not dried up fur and bones.

Day 1 = 30 road kills (~300km)
Day 2 = 39 road kills (~467km)
Day 3 = 21 road kills (~339km)
Day 4 = 18 road kills (~302km)
Day 5 = 41 road kills (~255km)
Day 6 = 8 road kills (~204km)
Day 7 = 11 road kills (~434km)
Day 8 = 57 road kills (~304km)
Day 9 = 2 road kills (~15km)

Compared to police patrol cars, I saw only 2 (some were discounted because they were obviously going for the fire affected areas…but this cannot be attributed to the lack of police presence before the fires/heat wave)

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