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Everything is awesome

Cousin: How do you get a degree in Lego? Tim: There is no such degree. Andy: You go buy a lot of lego and build… Tim: You just need to become a master builder… Andy: Everything is awesomeeee…

Meeting new Friends on Chat messengers

I was in this chat group with some people that I knew. And then someone decided to invite more people into the chat group. That is OK. But, be careful on what you’ve been chatting about because it can be weird. C: can I add my friends to this group? V: sure ..blah blah blah….. Read more »

What veges do you eat?

T: Yeah, I don’t like eggplants..or zucchini. They are..oily, slimy somewhat. F: I guess it’s like how some people don’t like cucumbers. Y: They complain that it tastes like water?? F: Exactly! … T: You’re somewhat a vegetarian. So, what vegetables don’t you like to eat? F: I’ll eat any. Pretty much most. But I… Read more »