Mushroom Picking

The trip has been a long time in planning….well, a year anyways. I was hoping to be able to find fancy mushrooms with all diff colors…that didn’t happen, but it was a nice and pleasant trip.

Facts about the mushroom picking..
– there are two types we could pick
– they are kinda expensive if eating in restaurants
– if it has some white color or spots on it, don’t pick
– some mushrooms shouldn’t be even touched
– obviously, the red ones with spots are poisonous
– they like shady places…and shady characters pick them
– there are alot of crap (prob wombat crap) lying around near them
– i need to use the flashgun to get better pics
– they are easy to find
– they are soft and spongy
– they can grow to be quite huge
– the grow under pine trees
– mixing poisonous mushrooms with non-poisonous ones may make them all poisonous

We didn’t pick any since we don’t want to risk it. The weather was fine, with no signs of clouds, the air cool and refreshing.

Oh, went by Mt Wilson for some red leaves. So many asian tourists and posing for pics…..for more pics, see gallery

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