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2014-Jan-27-28 Day 1&2

Fiji Airways Air Pacific has been renamed to Fiji Airways and the plane is really quite new. Clean and fresh, and sitting at the exit row is a joy. The plane was quite empty and no one sat next to me. The food itself….well, abit small. Anyways, during the flight, I enjoyed looking out the… Read more »

Bargaining for fresh coconuts in Fiji

Drove and stopped by a roadside stall selling fresh coconuts in the late afternoon. And of course, you gotta bargain abit. Mum: How much for coconuts? Seller: $2 Mum: sa…Too much… I buy a few Seller: How many you want? $1.50 then Mum: ummm… Seller (counting): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…9… Read more »

My mum and me

Some say I look like my mum….I guess so

2014 Fiji Trip – Day 1 food

Food on the first day. Lobster for Breakfast Two kinds of lobsters here and different flavours. Garlic Lobster and Buttered Lobster. Indian Snack from Foodcourt Bought these at Tappoo City foodcourt. Not that great. Dinner: Crab, Wonton Soup & Black Peppered Beef Beef & Noodles Stir fried beef and noodles for lunch Bananas A bunch… Read more »

Bread & Circus @ Alexandria

Thought we’d give this a try after Carmen mentioned it. It was a bit hard to find as it is one of a few shops in the building. The coffee was so so, but the brown rice congee is quite nice and filling.