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Yeet Hay

It’s been hot and tiring trip in Sgp so far. In the MRT, Tim: I feel abit yeet hay. C: huh? I can feel the air con *fail*

Trekking at Freycinet

The plan was to trek up to Mt Amos, and then back to the carpark, and then do the 5hr track that goes to the lookout, wineglass bay, hazards beach and then back. However, 1/4 way into the Mt Amos track, CH couldn’t continue, so we went back and did the other walk. It’s all… Read more »

Campervan camping at Friendly beaches

22-Nov-2014 First time to try out a campervan. It is quite fun. But, stupidly, didn’t know how to open the back windows etc. Next time, I gotta bring some mossie nets to put on window if open. Camped out at Friendly Beaches, near Coles Bay. It’s free and it was quite dark at night. Good… Read more »

Girls Night Out

Was meeting Jane for a late dinner and probably bowling. Asked others afterwards, and 3 more joined. Lovely, a girls night out. It was totally enjoyable with lots of laughter and joy. Let’s do it again! More photos…

Bday Dinner with Camping Group

Thanks for the dinner and the cake and the laughter and the knowledge on new stuff that was discussed during dinner. Dinner was at Sichuan Restaurant, upstairs, and Michael was pretty much on time. Christina was last to arrive :p. A small bit of drama with the taxi driver on the way to Ivy, but… Read more »

Sunshine break

After a heavy rainy Monday n a slight drizzly Tuesday morning, a minute of sunshine breaks through… A preview to my nameday?

Dinner with Fiji gang

Dinner at North Strathfield with the Fiji gang. It was very nice and happy to meet everyone. Stupid tim went to the wrong location as well, and had to quickly drive to the correct place. Luckily, it was only a few minutes away. The dinner was organized by Alice, and supposedly for Hmk’s engagement; but… Read more »

Mahjong and Philip’s Bday

Another mahjong session! woohoo!..and yet another loss! how sad?! Oh, I only won once and I had 3x North, 3x South, 3x West, 2x North, 3x 5Circles In the middle of it, Jo & Josh came by and we all surprised Philip with some pieces of cake and a mini-celebration. Jo was cutting the cake… Read more »