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Leo and Tre

Meet Leo and Tre, two Tibetian Mastiffs. Leo is the golden coloured one, and is the short haired kind. Tre (meaning bear in Tibetian) is a long haired one. Their personalities are hugely different as well! Tre is more of the dopey and excited one out of the two (he’s only 1.5yrs old afterall), and… Read more »

2014 Badmintion Australian Open

Watching semi-finals of the Badminton Australian Open. Some seeded players are here. There sure is a difference between the ‘cheap’ seats and the premium ones. Sitting first on the cheap seats, it seems ok. But when I stood behind the premium seats, I could see so much better. The best games were the womens doubles… Read more »

2014 Jun 09 Blue Mountains Trip with Yin – Day 1

Going away for 2 nights, 3 days to Blue Mountains with YinYin and her friends from Mly. Should be OK. I’ve been there a few times already and getting away from Sydney would be pleasant. I was supposed to be picked up between 9-10am, but it turned out to be around 2.15pm. Arrived late (4ish)… Read more »

2014-Jun-18 State of Origin Game 2

A win! A win after 8 years! Having won Game 1 in Queensland, NSW had better win the home game. I have bought the Gold seats and don’t want to waste it by them losing. That would suck! Luckily, we won! It was tense in the 2nd half, waiting..and waiting…no one wanted to say that… Read more »

Biennale of Sydney at Cockatoo Island

Once very two years, Biennale of Sydney. Since I might be busy with a new project next week, I decided to head off to Cockatoo Island on Friday. A weekday, a fine day. Shouldn’t be packed! :D The most interesting thing was probably the little train right in front. And I managed to get tickets… Read more »

NRL – Fiji vs Samoa

At ony $10 per ticket (03-May-2014), I decided to join others and watch the Fiji vs Samoa game in Penrith. Penrith sure is far, and I didn’t really expect it to be that far away. Having said that, the stadium and atmosphere during the game is so much better than watching a game at ANZ… Read more »

Carols in the Park – Lane Cove 2013

First time to sit through the entire event. Carols in the Park, 2013, right beside home. We had KFC for din and it was sooo hot. And Bethany & Claire just had to sit on me. Today (the day after), I’ve got sore thighs. More photos here

Sculpture by the Sea 2013

I went to see sunrise and also take photos of the Sculpture by the Sea…mostly, to take photos…and the sunrise helped. I’ve been in the last few years and might as well continue. This time, however, no one wanted to go. There didn’t seem to be as many people as previously, but more cameras and… Read more »