2014-Jun-18 State of Origin Game 2

A win! A win after 8 years!

Having won Game 1 in Queensland, NSW had better win the home game. I have bought the Gold seats and don’t want to waste it by them losing. That would suck!

Luckily, we won! It was tense in the 2nd half, waiting..and waiting…no one wanted to say that the game might just end with Qld winning 4-0. And then the try game! wooohooo..such celebrations! The atmosphere was so good!!

Anyways, where we were sitting, there was this guy who looked like he was stoned. And everyone was afraid that he’ll fall off from where we were. Mind you, it was quite high up.

Things that I remember

  • The guys behind us saying
    – When are the Morris brothers back? Game 3? (sigh, already thinking we’ll lose)
    – Run back with the ball, run back! (for NSW to run back towards their own goal to kill time)
  • The bearded guy
    – I’ll seat in front. If that guy falls over, I’ll try to catch him.
    – Do it again! (after a spear tackle on QLD)
  • Jarryd running back to his own goal line at full time, with us nervous that he was about to knock-on earlier.
  • Counting down the last seconds of the game
  • Walking that spiral thingy to get to our seats! such a long walk!


StadiumOne in a rowOutside the stadium

more pics…

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