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Lavender Farm

Went to bridestowe lavender farm. One of the few places that carmen wanted to go to, and one of only few places for us to go.


Tahune Air Walk

Many places were closed coz of the fire and alot of tourists decided to go to the air walk. It’s basically some walk near the top of trees and then to a lookout. I did feel weak at the knees and just had to look straight and walk forward. Having said that, it wasn’t as… Read more »

My Most Expensive Photo Set

A few pics from my most expensive photo shoot as yet… What is so great about the pic?

Conned by Chilli Beer

The above beers were being sold at the Salamanca Markets. Chilli Beer, seems interesting and new. Looks nice as well. We bought all 6 flavours for $23. The taste? crap! it’s mostly ginger beer! WTF….should’ve looked at it properly. The only one I was OK with was the green labelled one (lime sparkling something). Alwyn… Read more »


Driving towards Hobart, the temperature outside of the went up and up, to a max of 42 degrees! cold air blowing out of the air-con vents, and hot air rising out of the dashboard onto your face… We stopped at Ouse for a quick lunch, and also bought a bag of ice that started melting… Read more »

Iron Blow Lookout.

Just as you leave Queenstown towards Hobart, you will see a turn off at the top of the mountain to the ‘Iron Blow Lookout”. Cool, a lookout to queenstown or whatever. The lookout is down at the crater of water that has been collected because of mining…nothing that special, right? it looks nice and all… Read more »

Cradle Mountain

ahh…one of the must go to places, so they say… we encountered fine weather, one of 55 in a year according to the guide. Note to others: If you’re driving into cradle mountain, arrive before 9.30am or the boom gate will be closed and u’ll need to take the bus. Our plan was to plan… Read more »