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Happy Birthday, Jo

Happy Birthday Jo. Was a nice dinner at Sakanaya, and fun topics to discuss. Philip: We can all go out dinner…point and giggle Joshua: A gold covered cake is very pretty Jo: My 3rd cake in 2 days Edwin: Yes, you can go degustation by yourself…i’ve done it in a work trip Sam: Customer came… Read more »


Thank you Lisa for the lovely desserts. They are good! Comes with a warning: “I should probably warn you, if you have any concerns for your arteries at all then butter tarts probably aren’t the ideal snack for you. Literally every ingredient in these little morsels come from the very top peak of the food… Read more »

meet the farm animals

having some time to kill, and finding ‘farm animals’ at the mall… Everyone, please meet the not-so-raving rabbids, Bacon, and Happy Chook (the boss).

Napkin on Baby’s head

Napkin save’s baby’s head from the challenging task of eating. Sam failed to eat the sushi properly, dropping one sesame seed!

Protected: Shredder

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Guten Tag – German 1

Good Eating Duck! what is ‘good eating duck’? if not pronounced too well, guten Tag sounds like Good Eating Duck.

Little visitors

2013 Birthday Dinner

Thank you all for coming to the dinner! Was good. Special thanks to Sharon for organising. Other pics…