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Discussion with a Radio

Someone once commented that I’m a radio (‘receive sound machine’). A radio, in a sense that I hear stories/gossip but do not ‘broadcast’..hence ‘receive’ sound machine. A new term popped up whilst I was in discussion about different personalities and talking behaviour of people. Some people will talk on and on, and not get to… Read more »


Haven’t had skittles for many years now…

Victorinox classic

New tool to replace my broken tool.

Fat Cat Fat Cat

Plumber tim

I successfully changed a washer and bought a new tool to unscrew taps!

Pen art

Drawing using pens only at Pitt St mall. Interesting but time consuming

Cheap skate coke

Bought one large pizza at Costco. Hmk repeatedly asked if I wanted to get a drink. I repeatedly said no. He got one. The drinks can be refilled. Andy joined us. We ended up drinking off one cup with many refills. Best $1.29 spent

Kumpoo power control a261L

Bought a new racquet. It sure is very light but having tried it, it suits me very well. Strung with bg 98 string at 25 lb’s.