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Ogi and his dad jokes. Today, he starts off with…I’ve got a brother at home…it’s only black and white. meaning, the ‘BROTHER’ branded printer, 10-20yrs ago. And then talked about old TVs. Anyways, it made me think back to long ago when we still used the CRT TV and after you turn it off, there… Read more »

Google Plus vanity url

Woohoo…I am finally invited to create a vanity url for my Google+ page. Sadly, it didn’t allow me to use only first and last name. So, I’ve added the initials. (I didn’t like how I needed to confirm using SMS) Google+ Profile link here.

Happy Halloween

It’s actually quite fun to carve a pumpkin. My first time and yeah, it is a bit hard to get started. First, cut off the top, and then scoop out the insides. Then with a curved knife and some other stuff, we got to work. I would’ve liked to design and cut one fully myself…. Read more »

Hungry Ghost

Eerie town hall with a hungry ghost

Prince Harry in Sydney

Managed to see Prince Harry in Sydney during this weekend. My thoughts are 1) his hair is not that red 2) he is balding 3) he moves the same as Prince Charles :D the balding bit will definitely dispute the conspiracy that he is not Prince Charles’ son. And if I’ve got better photoshop skills,… Read more »

Thai Buddha ceiling reflection

Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium

I bought a fluval edge 23l aquarium and this is it for less than 1 week. Still need to get some proper gravel subtrate and grow more plants. The cherry shrimps would love it! Hope I haven’t stressed it too much.

Newtown, Sydney

Apart from the graffit (see previous post), some nice food The pie from pietin is quite big…and the sides are HUGE. As for the desserts from black star…yummy! I quite liked the raspberry creme brulee. You’ll find alot of people with their dogs in Newtown as well…big and small..whatever u like. All pics…