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World peace

Wouldn’t it be fun if u can end your answers to some questions with “….(pause)…and world peace.”

Signs on the Highway

The road signs between VIC and NSW have quite a different tone and impact. Which one is better or which one is more effective? During the road trip, I tried to remember/record what I saw and listed them below. NSW Double demerit points apply Local police patrol targeting drink driving In fog slow down Stop… Read more »

Board Games

New toys! Finally managed to go to castle hill and get some new board games. much cheaper there than buying from chatswood/cbd. settlers of catan…it’s taking us like 2+hrs to finish a game. is it because we’re interpreting the rules incorrectly, or we just suck at it? nevertheless, it’s quite fun. next up is to… Read more »


Interesting. A late Christmas n new years card. But good good….


When its cold, when its fluffy, don’t u just wanna sleep? Sleeping is my hobby… Have I told u I like big fluffy clouds? Jigglypuff rules!

Once in a lifetime meal

Wanna try this in a gourmet meal? Once in a lifetime only..

Relaxing afternoon

Ticket to ride record of 134! N dessert time before big dinner Didn’t manage to buy my lucky tickets yesterday… Bought today. Hope luck hasn’t run out yet…


why do ppl say to buy lotto tickets if a bird craps on you? …yeah…i’ll see if i can find a store that sells it tonite……not one ticket, but TWO! ……crap indeed *UPDATE* Myth debunked!