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Was talking about drugs, cigarettes, cigars etc during lunch one day… N asked a fair bit of questions… N look what I got as a souvenir from colleague’s trip?

Puzzle accomplished

Did this twice! Its not that hard. Had to re-do it to prove that it was I who did it. Sigh.. Trust is hard to come by…. LOL


The laptop got hit by malware. Was using it one sec, n then the below screen showed up, locking me out. Its not a big deal. No important data lost and will just reinstall windows. Anyways, it was quite confronting. The malware even accessed the camera n took a picture. The only thing that gave… Read more »

Pinterest – My Photostream

For those who don’t know, I have a pinterest page where I’ve placed some of the pics that i like and have taken.

Candy Crush Level 165 tips

I’ve been stuck at candy crush level 165 for quite a while now, but couldn’t pass it. It is so hard to get blue candy to fall down. And then I looked at some tips online, which to say aren’t helpful. They just have a video of someone passing the stage. But then, it triggered… Read more »

All-you-can-eat Congee

It’d be funny if there is an all you can eat congee. I wonder what price would it be? Alot of my frens know that I like to have congee and seems to have that a fair bit. And it came as a surprise to me when I thought I saw that there was a… Read more »



Handsome dog, but personality is a cat… Scaredy cat…