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Ribs and Burgers at Neutral Bay

Pretty good burger! The ribs weren’t that great though.


I didn’t know there were quick oats and instant oats. Did you? The difference are in the size, hence affecting how long they would take to prepare

Duck and bamboo rice noodle soup

Have to see what this is like. Interesting and something different than normal pho.

Crispy bacon and cheese burger @ Grill’d

Burger for dinner tonight. Crispy bacon n cheese burger with regular chips. Mmmmmmm

Cafe Paci @ Darlinghurst

At $85 per person, the meal at Cafe Paci was worth it. There were a number of dishes to try and it was good enough. However, I just felt something was missing after the dinner. Can’t exactly put my finger to what it is. Maybe I needed a dish that had a bit more meat?… Read more »

The Shed @ Mosman

Lunch finally with some colleagues at Mosman. This is the first time we’ve had lunch outside of the office are and it sure was refreshing and very lovely. Decided to go to The Shed for lunch and have burgers. $15 lunch meal came with a burger, chips and a soft drink

Franco Franco @ crown st

Nice pasta. The snapper had aloof of bones, but quite a nice tasting sauce. Abit fishy.

Hiding the food

I’m irritated. I’m irritated by how the restaurant put the chips. They put it in a cup and then the paper wrapping goes all the way up. It’s not like the chips are filled up as well. I felt soooo relieved when Sharon ‘unwrapped’ the chips so we could see and pick the chips easier…. Read more »