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Blue Fin Tuna

Walked past Makoto in Chatswood on Wednesday and saw that they have blue fin tuna on the menu again. YAY! I first tried it a few years back. It is AWESOME. It literally melts in your mouth…ahhhh. I HAVE to have it again. So, called up others to have din on Thursday…yup..japanese it is! Even… Read more »

Fleetwood Macchiato and Black Star

It’s been a slow day today. Got up at 9.20 and then going out for brunch. Decided to go to Fleetwood Macchiato to try them out. Was told it’d be a 15min wait, and we could leave our number. Okay..let’s do that. Coming back 15min late, the seat had been given away; but we persisted… Read more »

Tim’s Tim’s Burger

Home made burger with lettuce, tomato, yoghurt worchestershire sauce, grilled pineapple, cucumber, melted cheese, with a beer mustard beef pattie on a toasted bun. Had craving for burger a few weeks back but felt frugal and didn’t want to go buy. And then saw on Jamie Oliver’s show on making burgers in his 15min recipe…hmm…I… Read more »

“At Restaurant”

Jap dinner on Friday night. Decided to go to @ Restaurant, that is located at Crows Nest. To me, it’s a little pricey, but quite nice and decent. Things I found unusual 1) They give these small cups for the iced water. One gulp, and you need to refill. Seems like I’m having sake. 2)… Read more »

Tic tac

Long time no see multi colored/flavoured tic tac. It doesn’t look the same as before… Before as in 10+yrs ago.

Zokoko espresso cafe

Breakfast here. Interesting cups etc for tea n hot chocolate. banana bread that don’t have much banana taste

Tassie Devil Tea

Finally time to have a cup of tea; tea that I bought from Tasmania 4 months ago…. …

Big Barra breakfast

Quite cheap big breakfast. $13.90