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Jamie’s Italian – Sydney

Finally got to try Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Sydney. I have been told that you can only get a seat if everyone has arrived, and that there is a long queue after 6. So the best time is to go before 6pm. So, here I am, at 5.30, asking for a table for 2. The… Read more »

Raspberry fondant

Warm dessert for winter.

Ormeggio @ The Spit

Chinese bun

My Asian breakfast to start off today. Steamed these bought items, n the bun broke off when I took it out of the steamer. First thing I noticed is the egg. I doing recall having eggs in my Chinese bun.

Almonds – How Many?

I asked today how many almonds should I eat? According to a colleague, the answer is Minimum: (ln((Your Age/2)*9)) Maximum: (exp(Age/2))/((8.88*Age)*(Weight+Age)) From the calculations above, I should be eating a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 285 almonds per day! How about a forumula for the Mean and Medium?

Hundreds n thousands

Deprived Tim makes his dessert… A long time to the making…. Anyways, guess what’s in it?

Hundreds and thousands

First time ever. A piece all for myself…


Haven’t made this in a long long long time… I like to spread tomato sauce on bread, then tuna n pepper, n then cheese….. Just like a pizza!