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Candy crush level 97 tips

The tough bit about this level is getting the required score with the limited moves. It’s abit of a hit and miss, but the following strategy worked for me and I was able to at least complete this game in less 10 lives using the below strategy. They key to this game is the bombs!… Read more »

Candy Crush Level 275 tips

I was stuck in level 275 for a few days and always got caught out by the bombs at the top two corners. My basic strategy is to clear the side jellies, moving onto middle and the top; but not the cells that are right next to the bombs. In this way, I’ll try to… Read more »

Candy Crush Level 224 tips

Thought I’ll write about this level. It’s not particularly hard, but might help someone who is stuck. First thing is that you’ll notice a color bomb (middle) and a stripped candy (bottom middle) and are coated by a layer. Try get rid of the candies in between them, so that they sit side by side…. Read more »

Candy Crush Level 165 tips

I’ve been stuck at candy crush level 165 for quite a while now, but couldn’t pass it. It is so hard to get blue candy to fall down. And then I looked at some tips online, which to say aren’t helpful. They just have a video of someone passing the stage. But then, it triggered… Read more »