Candy Crush Level 275 tips

Candy Crush Level 275 Screenshot

I was stuck in level 275 for a few days and always got caught out by the bombs at the top two corners.

My basic strategy is to clear the side jellies, moving onto middle and the top; but not the cells that are right next to the bombs. In this way, I’ll try to clear everything and then come back to the top and finish it off as soon as possible before the bomb goes off (if i happen to trip it).

Some things you can keep in mind are
– it’s good to get the color bombs when presented. It can be a life saver. But dont’ use it immediately
– it is also not a good idea to mix color bombs + stripped candies. More often than not, it will expose the bombs at the corners.
– don’t mix striped and lolly candies unless it’s in the middle.
Note that I did it once, and the amazing thing was that no more bombs or candies dropped out. There was a blank cell in either corners. My guess was that there was a stripped bomb on the top row, and a vertical stripped candy on the 2nd and 2nd last columns that went off at the same time.
– don’t clear candies right next to the chocolates if you have a bomb ticking. This is because you can hope for luck and have the chocolate coat the bomb. But if you clear any chocolates out there while you have a bomb ticking, there would be no chance of the chocolate taking over the bomb’s place. (You might get saved by any color-bombs you’ve created)
– clear the bomb if you’re able to when it’s left with 1 turn. Wait til last moment.
– if you have two of the same colored candies (vertical) on the 2nd or 2nd last columns (i.e. right next to where the bombs come out), be careful! Try to clear at 3 candies below it in one go. This is because another candy with the same colour might come out, and then expose the bomb.
– I don’t really worry about the fishes at the bottom.
– I also try to clear the side cells at least once first, so that it might be easier to clear anything towards the end if I need to clear it only one more time. (What I mean here is that you need to clear each cells’ jelly twice)

I hope i’m clear.

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* 16-Jun-2013 *
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11 Responses to “Candy Crush Level 275 tips”

  1. Nini

    Thanks Tim! Very helpful. I finished this level in 2 tries, after reading your tips.

    • Mysteria

      hi Tim stuck on candy crush 275 been stuck for 2 weeks or more lost count and got many 3 extra moves but don’t use them cos i bomb out now i start at the bottom
      centre clearing all the ones to match but when they fall they auto match and the bombs show although im no way near them it’s irritating i read your tips and also google it to see how other try it but the b*****y bombs how up when i don’t need them and a few times i manage to clear the sides and the choc covers the top section and when i am clearing the top part the fish have left the building so not fair having 3 to countdown when i got so many candy to clear :(

      • Timothy Yuen

        i usually start and play on the sides next to the chocolates to keep them from spawning. and also see any opportunities to clear the jellies on either edge (as they are hard to get to).
        u need to keep the chocolates in check by clearing it every now n then.

        I’ve also tried not to create much, if any cascading effects. focusing on getting some stripped candies help.

        • Peg

          Hi Tim: What are the lolly candies?? åre they the square candies created from T and L shapes??

          • Timothy Yuen

            yeah. those square candies. They look like lollies to me.

  2. joy

    Thnx for your advice. I got the same problem over and over again, but after reading your tips i completed the level at once! :-)

  3. greg

    I finally cleared this level by making a color bomb, saving it and clearing as many jellies as possible, then combining the color bomb with a fish. The color bomb fish then multiply and seek out all the jellies not cleared.

  4. Colin Holgate

    One strange thing, on iPhone the corner bombs are just covered by chocolate, and they are set to a countdown of 3, but in Facebook they are cover with two layers of concrete, and have a countdown of 8. Makes me think that they decided the level was too hard, and adjusted the Facebook version. Maybe the mobile one will get changed too?

  5. densie

    Don’t understand the 8 trick,,,,, I play thru facebook and I only have 3 moves on the bomb and not 8 how is this possible. And also checked my phone same thing expose a bomb 3 moves. What gives???


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