Monthly Archives: December 2014

Black forest

Finally, I get to try the black forest. Last time, the last piece was sold in front of me. Today, I was there just after black star opened, n got it. I also bought the new lemon raspberry cake. I liked the lemon raspberry cake. I didn’t like the black forest that much. Too alcoholic….

Trekking at Freycinet

The plan was to trek up to Mt Amos, and then back to the carpark, and then do the 5hr track that goes to the lookout, wineglass bay, hazards beach and then back. However, 1/4 way into the Mt Amos track, CH couldn’t continue, so we went back and did the other walk. It’s all… Read more »

Campervan camping at Friendly beaches

22-Nov-2014 First time to try out a campervan. It is quite fun. But, stupidly, didn’t know how to open the back windows etc. Next time, I gotta bring some mossie nets to put on window if open. Camped out at Friendly Beaches, near Coles Bay. It’s free and it was quite dark at night. Good… Read more »