Monthly Archives: January 2015

Bushwalking from Evans Lookout

Bushwalking = to walk in the bush area Hiking = similar to bushwalking but more ups and downs It was drizzling, but it was fun and enjoyable to meet some new ppl and to be out of sydney. More pics…

standing in the rain

Rained heavily yesterday. I stood in a sheltered spot (since I didnt’ have an umbrella), waiting for the traffic lights to show the green man. There were about 20+ppl standing in the rain, with their umbrellas, patiently waiting as well. We waited and waited. Different sets of lights turned green and red. and waited. aha…. Read more »

Outwitted by a mozzie

A mozzie terrorized me last night in my sleep. She attacked my fingers, feet and knees throughout the night mercilessly. Never once, did she come close to my ear, which is the typical attack strategy of her fellow clan. This is one smart mozzie. Around 2am, I got up to see what I could do…. Read more »