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Brought shoes to change

I’m so smart. I brought the right shoes to change at work.

iframe is not Apple’s invention.

<iframe> Apple? </iframe> Note: iframe IS NOT a product of Apple.

Converse Chuck Taylor Green

My first Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. Color green * 26/07/2013 * The shoes are abit tight. Should’ve bought one size up. Anyways, after wearing tight shoes for about half a day, I discovered managed to make it more comfortable. It was magical.. …. … .. . I loosened the laces who would’ve thought??

Dual Screen

Another silly thing today. I wanted to use the laptop PC to test IE. The laptop is connected to an external monitor, and is setup to display onto both; where the external monitor is the secondary screen (i think). The monitor was turned off, so I thought I’ll just use the screen on the laptop…. Read more »

Funniest comment by pregnant lady

A (while playing candy crush): I don’t like this game… It’s too exciting. ============================= A (to husband named Dom after seeing the Hmk’s cup): you want a ‘D’ cup?

Tim’s Office Moment 1

Today’s guest post is courtesy of yuniphan. Written under duress from this blog’s owner*. Have you ever had that moment of realisation that perhaps what you are about to do wasn’t quite right? It happens to the best of us. And this particular moment happened to the owner of this blog. It has to be… Read more »

90s Quiz Night

What does ABS stand for; with reference to cars? Anti Braking System What is a female fox called? b*tch …perfect *headdesk* moment

Playing a CD on imac

i threw away some cd-r that had music in them i threw them away because they didn’t work when i inserted into the imac drive i threw them away because they were scratched i threw them away because i thought they no longer worked i did not throw away the original cd i did not… Read more »